February 22, 2021
Weekly Update
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Nominating Committee Update
At our May 15 Synod Assembly, we will be holding elections for synod council, consultation committee, committee on discipline, and voting members for the churchwide assembly.
Read about all of the roles - and how to nominate yourself or another member of the synod here: www.lutheransw.org/synod-assembly.
Forms need to be completed by March 31.

This week, we would like to highlight the Synod Consultation Committee
We will be electing a total of 4 persons to serve on this committee: two rostered ministers (deacon or pastor); 1 lay female; and 1 lay male – with terms ending in 2027.

The Consultation Committee consists of a total of 12 persons - 6 rostered ministers and 6 laypersons. This committee does NOT meet regularly. Instead, this committee is called upon when other steps to resolve a conflict in the consultation process have not been effective. Fortunately, conflicts do not arise often - and when they do, they are generally resolved before the need to tap into this committee. Here is what our synod constitution has to say about their work:
"When there is disagreement among factions within a congregation on a substantive issue that cannot be resolved by the parties, members of a congregation shall have access to the synodical bishop for consultation after informing the chair of the Congregation Council of their intent. If the consultation fails to resolve the issue(s), the Consultation Committee of this synod, which shall undertake efforts to find an appropriate solution. If the Consultation Committee’s efforts fail to resolve the issue(s), the entire matter shall be referred to the Synod Council for adjudication by whatever process the council deems necessary. The decision of the Synod Council shall be final. (Details on the consultation process in the ELCA Constitution Chapter 20 and Synod Constitution Chapter 17.)

We are seeking persons who are excellent listeners and thoughtful discerners.
Perhaps that is YOU - or a person you know who is a member in the synod.
THANK YOU for prayerfully considering potential nominees for this role.
Please have the nominee complete an online nomination form HERE by March 31.
If you have questions, please reach out to our committee via email at: office@lutheransnw.org.
Helping our Neighbors in Texas
Lutheran Disaster Response is communicating with the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, the Southwestern Texas Synod, the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod, and Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response. Congregations are already conducting relief efforts such as supplying water, food and generators to those in need and opening their doors to serve as shelters. Long-term recovery may include repairing water-damaged homes, disaster case management, and supporting vulnerable populations.
Give here. Gifts to “U.S. Severe Storms” will be used in full (100%) to assist those affected by severe storms.
Yamaha GF24/12 Mixing Console Available!
This console has been in use at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (Lynnwood) for over 15 years. It is in good working order, but was replaced because it could not expand to support their growing needs. This is an analog mixing board with 20 mono inputs and 2 stereo inputs. It has a main stereo and mono output as well as 4 group outputs and 6 auxiliary outputs. We used the main output to drive our main sanctuary amp and speakers, the group outputs to drive our narthex amp and speakers, and the auxiliary outputs to drive our band’s floor monitors, and a couple of other ancillary pieces of sound equipment. A PDF user manual can be found online for more detailed information about what the board can do and what functions it has. The board is 37 inches wide, 19.2 inches deep, and stands 6.2 inches high off the counter top. It weighs about 44 lbs. 

Interested? Contact Cheri at 425-776-2444.
Join the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians
Virtual Easter Choir!
Calling all musicians!
You’re invited to submit vocal and instrumental recordings for the virtual Easter hymn, “Jesus Christ is Risen Today.”

The Association of Lutheran Church Musicians shares instructions for recording and submitting your part. Submissions must be received by Feb. 26.
The finished video will be available March 25.
The LiVE Project Planning Team
Tuesday, February 23, 2pm via Zoom

Team - check your inbox for materials and meeting link.

Learn more about The LiVE Project here:
Rostered Minister Monthly Meet Up
Tuesday, February 23, 3pm via Zoom

Entering into Lent. A time of reflection. | We will gather to share and support one another as we move into this season of Lent.

All Rostered Ministers, Mission Developers & Interns are invited to attend these monthly gatherings. Find the Zoom meeting link in your Tuesday Minister Email.
They Are Us Book Launch
Tuesday, February 23, 4pm via Zoom

Join LIRS to celebrate the national book launch of the second edition of “They Are Us: Lutherans and Immigration” with Pastor Stephen Bouman engaging in reflection and storytelling. Pastor Bouman will share his experience writing the book, stories of the incredible people he has met, and reflections on how much things have changed since the first edition.
“They Are Us” offers stories that show there is no greater power to unite our angry, divided, and fearful church and society than the presence of the crucified and risen Christ among us.
Register to join at the zoom link in our event page below and please indicate your attendance on the event page as well: https://www.facebook.com/events/780184742911865
WELCA Racial Justice Advocacy Group
Join and participate
Join Women of the ELCA’s Racial Justice Advocacy Network for a conversation series celebrating Black History Month. We’ll hear from four leaders in our church representing diverse specialties. They will share how being an African American woman in the United States influences their work and faith. Watch via Facebook live on Tuesdays at 4:40 (pacific time) after joining our Racial Justice Advocacy group. on Facebook.

Speakers and schedule:
Tues., Feb 23:  Antoinette Butler, music director, Shekinah Chapel, Chicago Ill.
March 2: The Rev. Nicolette Marie Peñaranda, MBA, M.Div., pastor at First Lutheran Church of the Trinity, Bridgeport, Ill., and candidate for alderman, Berwyn, Ill. 
Celebrating Black Joy
2021 Black History Month at Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago 
February 1 – 26 • Virtual events each week

Free virtual events to touch the mind, body and spirit through worship, academic discussions, poetry, artwork, and song. All events are open to the public with registration to receive the Zoom links.
“So often, Black people are invited to teach others through the lens of their pain. This Black History Month let us explore the resilience of the Black people through the intricacy of Black joy,” said Sharei Green, a master of divinity student at LSTC, co-planner with master of divinity student Stephen Styles of this year’s celebration. Read more
Brought to you by: LSTC Antiracism Transformation Team, Metropolitan Chicago Synod, Metro Chicago Chapter of the African Descent Lutheran Association (ADLA)  

Event and registration information: 
Register for all events here -OR- register for an individual event(s) using the links below. Zoom details will be emailed the day of the event. 

Black Joy in Community Leadership: Interview/Symposium
Tuesday, Feb. 23, 5pm
Presenters and guests to be announced. Register here. 
Black Joy Revival, Friday
Friday, Feb. 26, 5pm 
LSTC celebrates Black Joy in worship and word. Register here. 
Weekly ELCA Coaching Event
Next Session is Wednesday, February 24 at 11am

Topic: The Untold Story: Black Lutheran History, Part 2 
We welcome back Rev. Dr. Lawrence J. Clark, II and Rev. Dr. Richard N. Stewart to share their highly anticipated Part 2 of The Untold Story of Black Lutheran History. Past, present, and where we go in the future.

All are invited to join this weekly online gathering designed to provide encouragement and support for ELCA leaders across the church. Participants will hear topical presentations related to how we are called to be Church, as well as have an opportunity to be in small group discussions with an ELCA group coach facilitating the conversation. This is where the magic happens. All of this is designed to help us process our emotions and thus create a space where we can each name our next most faithful step forward in our unique context. 

Meeting ID: 180 439 412 - Password: 648160

We understand a number of folks are unable to make this day and time each week. We record the main session and debrief time. We share each recording with supporting documents here, typically by the following day: https://www.elcacoaching.org/podcasts/media.
Living Life Fully
Thursday, February 25 at 9am

Once retired, how do you serve? In the first in a series of presentations, Deaconess and RN Penny Cedel will share information geared to help you understand your gifts & talents and how they can be utilized best, plan for the complicated or emotionally heavy decisions you need to make as a gift to your family. You’ll learn how to plan while you are healthy, rather than have determinations made without your wishes in mind. Register now 
Find previous webinars & resources at aloaserves.org
Candidacy Committee
Thursday, February 25, 12:30pm

Team - check your inbox for meeting materials and Zoom link.

Want to learn more about Candidacy?
Lutherans Restoring Creation
Connections Call
Thursday, February 25 at 5pm

Hear again from Author, Gayle Boss, author of Wild Hope, Stories for Lent from the Vanishing. To get meeting link and/or if you have questions/comments for the author please email ahead of time.
Learn more about Lutherans Restoring Creation HERE.
Opportunity Palestine Webinar
Saturday, February 27, 7:30am Pacific

Join Opportunity Palestine for an hour-long webinar about the Model United Nations (MUN) program in the ELCJHL schools. Watch a mock presentation featuring current students and learn more about how the MUN program builds students’ confidence through public speaking, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Caitlyn Melillo Ordination
Sunday, February 28th at 2pm

We are delighted to announce the Service of Ordination for our Word and Sacrament Ministry Candidate, Caitlyn Melillo. Caitlyn has been called to serve as a Chaplain at Seattle Children's Hospital. While she began serving in December, her ordination will take place this weekend at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Lynnwood. The event will be livestreamed.
May God continue to bless this new ministry partnership!
Open Door Ministries Annual Board Meeting
Sunday, February 28th at 2:00 pm via Zoom

Open Door Ministries will hold their annual meeting – all are welcome to attend. One business item will be to approve new board members, if you are interested in serving on the board, please let them know at: odm.elca@gmail.com.

For more information about Open Door Ministries visit their website at: www.opendoorelca.org
Read the Koran in Four Weeks
Mondays, March 1, 8, 15, 22 from 7pm-9pm via Zoom

Check out this unique class taught by Pastor Marshall, First of West Seattle, four times a year since 2003. The cost is $20 - which includes mailing to you your own copy of an approved English translation of the Koran. Call or email to register or ask questions. Pr. Marshall at (206) 935-6530 or deogloria@foxinternet.com. For more information on the class (including a half hour video interview) and some student recommendations, see flcws.org, “Reading the Koran with Pastor Marshall.”
Fifty and Better (FAB) at California Lutheran University
March Lectures
The two-hour lectures are $8 each and are open to everyone.
Learn more and register HERE (registration open now!)
  • Jewish (Mostly) Sacred Music Survey with Daniel Newman-Lessler on Saturday, March 6th at 10am
  • Mysteries of the Sistine Chapel - The Hidden Messages of Michelangelo with Christine Maasdam on Thursday, March 11th at 10am
  • Politics on Broadway with Cary Ginell on Wednesday, March 17th at 10am (PST)
  • The World of Neuroscience: From Single Neurons to Human Behaviors with Wesley Tierney on Tuesday, March 23 at 10am
  • Can the Golden State Be Made to Shine Again? with Herb Gooch on Monday, March 29 at 10am

Fifty and Better Spring Session
Spring Session is April 5-May 20
Registration will open on March 2nd at 9am (PST).
  • Art of the Belle Époque with Katherine Zoraster, Mondays 10am-12pm
  • Architecture and Design in the Reign of the 16th-19th Century European Rulers with Eleanor Schrader, Tuesdays 10am-12pm
  • The Beach Boys in the Studio, 1962-72 with Cary Ginell, Wednesdays 10am-12pm
  • Accompanying Seminar, Thursdays 1-2pm
  • The World of Jewish Art and Artists with Christine Maasdam, Thursdays 10am-12pm
  • Authorship and Cinema: Four Directors with David Parsons, Fridays 10am-12pm
  • Something's Fishy: An Introduction to the Study of Fishes with Steve Norris, Fridays 1pm-3pm
  • The American Civil War: History and Meaning with Cliff Wilcox, Saturdays 10am-12pm
One Year Changed: Faith in Pandemic
Thursday, March 11, 5pm online

Church Anew Presents this free ready-made Lent retreat - open to all... We have been leading, parenting, learning, working, neighboring, and simply existing within a global health crisis for over a year. It has changed the way we live our lives, the ways we connect meaningfully with one another, and perhaps it has also changed our faith. In this evening virtual retreat format, gather with other people of faith to ponder how we might be moved into a different sort of spirituality this year.

What have we let fall that we will never pick up again? What practices have emerged that may be meaningful far into the future? If this is truly a humanity-defining moment, what have we learned about our species? About ourselves? About our spirits?

With seven-minute talks from faith leaders, activists, artists, and more, we will memorialize the way this moment has shaped us and will continue to influence us. We will spend time in prayer and reflection, considering how the Spirit might be moving all of humanity in this moment. 

World Mission Institute 2021 Conference - Thursday, March 11 at 5pm 
All are welcome to join this conference on the connection between migration, mission, and spirituality. Peter C. Phan’s keynote, “Is the Christian God a Migrant?” argues that the great tragedy of today's migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers must be at the center of the mission of the church.

The event is free, but registration is required.
Learn more and get registered HERE.

Sponsors: Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC), Catholic Theological Union, McCormick Theological Seminary, and A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice at LSTC.
Pi Day w/ Luther's Table
Sunday, March 14

Run or walk the 3.14 mile course on the Cedar River Trail or use any 3.14 mile course of your choice.

All local participants will receive a personal pie at the end of the event.

National Lutheran Choir Virtual Hymn Festival: Hope Lives!
Sunday, March 14 - premiering at 2pm

Join singers of the National Lutheran Choir and guest artists, the Keith Hampton Singers & Friends, in a virtual hymn festival.

Sing well-known hymns that highlight the joy of an ever-growing hope, and new hymns that speak to our time, inviting all people to sing in joy together “…as all the world in wonder echoes shalom”.

Learn more and watch the concert here: https://nlca.com/winter2021
Listening Circle Toward Inclusion & Diversity in the NW WA Synod
Sunday March 21, 6:30pm-8pm on Zoom

We become more fully a community when we hear one another’s stories. This Listening Circle Toward Inclusion and Diversity will offer us an opportunity to listen and respond to the stories of people color about their experiences in our Lutheran Christian community. As we listen and speak, we trust that God is gathering us more fully into God’s story of healing, reconciliation, and mutual respect. 

This event, led in partnership with Paths to Understanding, is open to all in the synod - and is free of charge. Please register for the Zoom event here.
Bishop's Spring Convocation
Living into Authentic Diversity: Sharing Our Stories
Monday-Wednesday, April 26-28, Online
Monday, 1-4pm | Tuesday, 9:30am-3:30pm | Wednesday: 9am-12noon

Rostered ministers, mission developers, and interns of the synod are invited to gather online over these days to explore diversity in the Church from the perspective of listening deeply to the uniqueness of our diverse journeys of faith. How do our familial/cultural/ denominational/personal identities and histories shape our experience of being Church Together? Following an introductory session with the Strategic Team For Authentic Diversity (STAD), we will be joined by keynote speaker the Rev. Lenny Duncan. We will also invite four local church leaders to share their diverse stories. We will have time to reflect together on both the gifts and the challenges these stories bring to us. 

Look for registration link in the Rostered Minister email from last week - or in tomorrow's email...
Synod Assembly - Saturday May 15, 9am-4pm ONLINE
1998 Synod Assembly Banner

Registration for Voting Members is now open. A "get registered" email invite was sent to the emails of all Rostered Ministers and Congregations last week. Please review that email and get your crew registered by March 31.

Nominations for various positions are now being accepted. Read about the roles and how to nominate yourself or another synod member HERE.
Submit nominations by March 31.

Resolutions you wish to have considered by the assembly are now being accepted. Learn how to write and submit a resolution HERE.
Submit resolutions by March 31.
Want an item included?
Email Susan Berg, Communications Administrator
All items due by 2pm on the prior Thursday

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