Weekly Update
March 18, 2020   
From the President's Office

Dear Brave families,

I pray that you are all adjusting as well as you can to the evolving circumstances as our community, nation and world respond to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus and COVID-19. Your health and welfare are on my mind and in my prayers each day - especially as we live as a Brave Community in spirit though not in person.

I wanted to briefly touch base in our Wednesday newsletter. Our team is committed to keeping up as many regular routines as we can in this new distance learning experience. This Wednesday newsletter will remain as a key weekly update where you will hear from departments with important information to share. As initiated last week, our Principal, Sam Procopio, will also continue to communicate directly with our students each Friday regarding the learning plan for the week ahead. Mr. Procopio has further guidance in his update below.

I will remain in communication should the need arise to share important information in between these Wednesday Weekly Updates. As we all take such significant efforts to distance ourselves and diminish the spread of the coronavirus, I want you to remain in close communication with us - especially if your student is experiencing any illness we should be aware of. Your contact point for communicating about your student's health remains through our Dean's Office at attendance@bishopblanchet.org or to our Dean of Students, Chris Bilanko, at cbilanko@bishopblanchet.org. Student privacy will always be maintained, but it is vitally important for us to monitor the health of our community.  

In closing, thank you for supporting our online Brave Venture Auction this past weekend. Your generosity in supporting our school and those in need through St. Vincent DePaul was truly inspiring. Look for the next opportunity to bid on a new set of silent auction items beginning this Sunday, March 22.

God Bless and Go Braves,

Tony DeSapio
From the Principal's Office

Dear BBHS parents and guardians,

We are in the middle of the first week of our Digital Distance Learning Plan protocol . Teachers and students are adjusting well, and I appreciate all the positive notes sent my way. I am thankful to be a part of a community determined to make the best of this situation.

I have formed administrative teams around four areas: Academic and Teaching Support, Student Support, Educational Technology Support and Student Life. Some of our school's greatest gifts, like the magic created in our physical classrooms each day and the tangible energy when our community is together, will look a little different over the next few months. I will provide updates in the weekly communication as they become available.

There have been many inquiries about standardized tests. We are unsure of how the college application process will be impacted, but the College Board, ACT, college counselors, universities and colleges nationwide are having these conversations right now. Please check the SAT and ACT websites listed below in the counseling section, as they will have the most up to date information about the status of these tests.

As we shift to a remote learning environment, here are some tangible ways families can provide academic support for your student at home:
  • Check that internet connection speeds can stream video as we may trial Google Meet as early as March 30
  • Define a physical space for study
  • Establish routines and expectations
  • Monitor communications from teachers, which may happen via email or phone
  • Begin and end each day with a check-in
  • Establish time for quiet and reflection
  • Encourage physical activity and exercise
  • Remain mindful of your student's stress or worry
  • Check Skyward to monitor student progress
  • Reach out to the teacher if you have a concern about student progress
We will continue to give weekly updates on school programming, activities and events on Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m., communicating more frequently as needed.


Sam Procopio
Brave Venture Auction

Thank you to all who supported our virtual Brave Venture Auction this past weekend. We raised over $147,000 for BBHS and $4,285 for St. Vincent de Paul!

Tune back in this weekend to bid on over 250 items in our Online Silent Auction. This auction will run for a week from Sunday, March 22 - Sunday, March 29. Look for an email the morning of the 22nd to join in on the bidding.

If you missed the chance to "raise your paddle" on our Fund A Need: the Ernie Rose Performing Arts Lobby Update, you can still donate   here. Thank you Brave community!

Congratulations to Curt Dyckman, winner of the Go Braves $5,000  Cash Raffle - and to Cyndi Breivik winner of our social media sharing raffle for the Brave Gala online auction. Get ready for round two of our "sharing" raffle when we launch our silent auction online this Sunday, March 22. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @bishopblanchet.

From the Campus Ministry Office

The BBHS service program expectations have been adjusted for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. The following modifications have been made:
  • The expected number of service hours for all students for the 2019-2020 academic year has been reduced to 12 hours. If a student has completed 12 hours of approved service, the service requirement for 2019-2020 has been met. If a student has completed hours in his/her focus area that are not already logged in NobleHour, they should do so promptly. The service reflections essays are due to Ms. Cypher by May 15, 2020.
  • If a student has not yet met the minimum of 12 service hours, beginning March 9 through May 1 students may volunteer at any of the approved service sites 
    Local food banks are especially in need of volunteers right now.
  • If a student has not met the 12 hour minimum and prefers not to participate in active community service at this time, there is an option to complete an alternate research paper. Students received an email with information about the paper on March 9. This paper is due to Ms. Cypher by May 15, 2020. This paper will satisfy the service expectation for the 2019-2020 academic year.
On May 2, 2020 students may begin working on service hours for the next year's focus area. Service expectations will be communicated to students and families prior to that time.

Please reach out to Manon Cypher at mcypher@bishopblanchet.org with any questions.

From the Athletic Department

Congratulations to the following winter sport athletes for their All-League accomplishment during their season. Go Braves!

Girls Basketball
2nd Team All Metro - Taliyah Clark '21

Boys Swimming
2nd Team All Metro 200 Freestyle Relay
 - Michael Martin '21, Max Gillespie '20, Owen Heffernan '20, Evan Martin '21
2nd Team All Metro 400 Freestyle Relay
 - Michael Martin '21, Jake Langley '21, Sly Marona '23, Evan Martin '21

Pictured L-R: Sly Marona, Evan Martin, Owen Heffernan and Michael Martin

From the Activities Office

Senior parents, students received their cap and gown on Wednesday, March 11 during CP. Please ask your student for their cap and gown so you can check it for any defects. If you see any, please email cbocian@bishopblanchet.org. Please take the gown and hang it in a safe place until graduation. Gowns can be lightly steamed if needed.

From the Counseling Center
Despite distance learning, college conferences for Juniors and their parents will still take place between March and May via Google Meet videoconferencing, as needed. Juniors will receive updated signup instructions soon from their counselor. 

Parents and guardians are invited to these meetings: please speak with your juniors and have your student sign up for a time that works for your family. The goal of this meeting is to discuss the student's plan for their college search and application process, regardless of where they may be along this journey.  In the meeting, please be ready to discuss some of these topics:
  • possible majors or career interest areas
  • priorities for the college search (locations, majors, cost, size, etc.)
  • standardized testing plans and results
  • potential list of colleges
  • using Naviance in the college search process
  • one or two possibilities for teacher recommendations
Online Resources for Juniors:
Our counselors are available via email and Google Meet (videoconferencing) if students have questions, concerns or just need a little help.

Counselor Email Addresses
Student Last Name A-E: Meghan MacIntyre - mmacintyre@bishopblanchet.org
Student Last Name F-La: Erin Camden - ecamden@bishopblanchet.org
Student Last Name Le-Ri: Stephen Russell - srussell@bishopblanchet.org
Student Last Name Ro-Z: Heather Rabe - hrabe@bishopblanchet.org
International Students: Janah Valenzuela - jvalenzuela@bishopblanchet.org
Counselor: LouElla McGaughey - lmcgaughey@bishopblanchet.org
Counseling Administrative Assistant - Janice Moehring - jmoehring@bishopblanchet.org

As your senior receives scholarship offers from colleges, please email a copy of all scholarship offer letters to Ms. Moehring in the Counseling Center at jmoehring@bishopblanchet.org so we can recognize their achievement in the end of the year programming. 

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