Our Mother of Consolation
Family Newsletter
April 23, 2021
Our Student in the Spotlight is
Sean Powell
Picture Day is May 4th!
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A Sneak Peek!

Friday, April 30th school will be dismissing at
1:00pm-there will be NO CARES
Thank you to our Soiree Sponsors
Thank you to the many volunteers
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Spring Soiree a success.

You are so appreciated.
Principal's Corner with Mrs. Sheetz
Academic highlights this week at OMC

PreK 3's theme this week is learning about a garden. We planted seeds in our garden and our plants are growing. This week our live caterpillars came in and our children are excited to seem them turn into butterflies.

Pre K 4 has been working on different kinds of gardens and learning the parts of a flower!

Kindergarten celebrated National Kindergarten Day and Earth day! We talked about why kindergarten is special. For Earth Day we discussed out we can help our Earth!

First-grade students are learning cause and effect in ELA, they are writing stories, and learning about picture bar graphs in Math groups.

Second-grade students are preparing for the Sacrament of Holy communion, our students will practice for their special day this Saturday.

Third-grade students are calculating elapsed time, learning about European explorers and their first communities in North America, experimenting with sand, silt, and clay.

Fourth-grade students are working in groups and answering critical thinking questions about Earth Day Science Facts. They are also learning about line graphs, rays, and intersecting lines.

Fifth-grade students are reading "Storm Warriors" and "The Competitive Edge". In Social Studies, students have been learning about the Southwest, Rocky Mountains, Pacific Region States and Capitals.

Sixth-grade students are focusing on Western Africa and practicing paraphrasing in connection to Timbuktu.

Seventh grade students in ELA are celebrating Shakespeare-Cervantes Week. April 23, 1616 was the date both literacy luminaries died. In Science, we're using the skeleton model to learn the properties of the skeletal system. In Social Studies the students are learning about the creation of the National Government.

Eighth-grade students for ELA are working on exercises on The Elements of Style, and are working in small groups adapting "King Lear" into puppet shows, graphic novels, and song compositions. In Physics, we are studying Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and particle properties. We celebrated 8th grade graduation photos on Wednesday. In Social Studies the students have been learning about the cause of WWI and technologies used.

Spring school uniform or OMC gym uniform
may be worn until the end of the academic year.

Technology tips:
We are keeping our children as young
as we can for as long as we can!”
Have a beautiful OMC day!
Financial Aid for 2021-22
If you will require financial assistance for the next school year, please be sure to apply on FACTS! The sooner you apply to better we will be able to make financial aid decisions. We make every effort to apply aid and scholarships to your tuition account prior to the June payment. Apply now: https://online.factsmgt.com/aid

CARES Registration for 2021-22 is now open and due by May 31st. Please refer to the email that was sent on April 20th.
Catholic Schools Week News!
Dress down day schedule for the week of 4/26/2021

Monday: Philly, Chestnut Hill, OMC theme day
Tuesday: Students choice, 8th grade wear high school gear
Wednesday: Red, White, and Blue
Thursday: Twin Day (Students dress up together, there can be multiple students twining)
Friday: Dress like a teacher. 
Dear OMC Community, Next week we will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week. I feel that while this school has been challenging thus far, it has been a blessing to attend a Catholic School. We have been able to address the pandemic in a way that is safe and that makes sense for us. Our faith has also strengthened us and helped us to look for ways to serve each other and the broader community. On the following two pages you will find various ways to celebrate CSW. The first list includes activities that can be completed by your family any time during the week. It is a choose your own adventure. I hope your family will use the activities to have fun, learn, and celebrate. The second page has activities that will be completed during the school day. Each day the students can dress down with the theme for that day. We hope that each student and family will be able to celebrate CSW in some way.

Sincerely, Paul Cillo School Minister

At Home Activities (Can be completed anytime during the week) Celebrating your Parish:
● Attend Mass in Uniform the weekend CSW starts to show off your school pride. ● Join the live Rosary on Sunday at 5:00pm (or watch the recording). Pray for our parish and school. Celebrating your Community:
● Go for a trash pick up around your house. Take a pic of the trash you cleaned up.
● Support a local business by shopping local or ordering food from a nearby restaurant. Celebrating your Students:
● Have a special treat to celebrate the students in your family. Celebrating your Nation:
● Have an ethnic or cultural meal from your family’s ancestry
● With your family, see how many places in the U.S. you have visited. Celebrating your Vocations:
● Research and learn about a religious order.
● As a family pray for married couples, priests, sisters, brothers, and deacons. Celebrating your Faculty and Staff:
● Record a video or make cards for a teacher that has impacted you! Celebrating your Families:
● Share a family photo
● Have a family movie or game night
● See how many family members went to a Catholic School In School/ During School Activities MONDAY: Celebrating Your Community
● Philly/Chestnut Hill/OMC dress down day
● Students learn about the History of OMC (Make skits or something similar) TUESDAY: Celebrating Your Students
● Eighth grade high school dress down, if not in eighth grade, wear whatever you choose
● Teacher planned activities for their class.
● Free Ice cream for students at school WEDNESDAY: Celebrating the Nation
● Red, white, and blue or your culture dress down day
● Door Decorating Contest (a Nation from our School) THURSDAY: Celebrating Vocations
● Twin dress down day
● Mystery Saint Guessing game
● Catholic Charades game
● Make Cards for Parents, Sisters, Priests, Deacons FRIDAY: Celebrating Faculty, Staff, and Volunteers
● Dress like a teacher
● Make cards/poster for teachers and faculty
Virtual Learners

Video cameras must be on in order to be marked present for the day.
Mr. Cillo's Nook
School Ministry
Stay connected with campus minister Mr. Paul Cillo.

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Big News!
We will now be selling ice cream on
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