Our Mother of Consolation
Family Newsletter
April 30, 2021
Our Student in the Spotlight is
Jaylah Robinson
God Bless our Second Graders
as they celebrate the Sacrament of
Holy Eucharist

Picture Day is May 4th!
Click here to order online.
Packets were sent home today with your child(ren) if you prefer to order via the paper form.

**Please note the date is incorrect on the form,
this form can still be used.
Financial Aid for 2021-22
If you will require financial assistance for the next school year, please be sure to apply on FACTS! The sooner you apply to better we will be able to make financial aid decisions. We make every effort to apply aid and scholarships to your tuition account prior to the June payment. Apply now: https://online.factsmgt.com/aid

CARES Registration for 2021-22 is now open and due by May 31st. Please refer to the email that was sent on April 20th.

If you would like to order ice cream for your child's class to celebrate a birthday,
please contact
Mrs. Angelone at
(215)247-1060 or sangelone@omcschool.com
2 weeks in advance to ensure inventory.

Principal's Corner with Mrs. Sheetz
Academic highlights this week at OMC

PreK 3 is delving into “all things science.” The children are categorizing foods
that we eat (celery, carrots, basil, even broccoli) into what part of the plant they are.
Pre K 4 are learning about insects! Can you tell the difference between
an animal and an insect?

Kindergarten We are reading the book “Chameleon, Chameleon” and starting to learn how to write reports.

First-grade students are learning in ELA infer/predict, long a, and conclusions. In Religion, how families share love and in math are learning picture and bar graphs.

Second-grade students are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist this Saturday, God Bless our students.

Third-grade students are writing personal narratives, creating picture and bar graphs, identifying main ideas and details in informational texts.

Fourth-grade students are learning how to use protractors in math and writing opinion pieces about why we should have more recess.

Fifth-grade students are researching aspects of Canada and working with partners to create an informational brochure! In Religion, and are learning how life is precious, and in math are converting standard and metric measurements.

Sixth-grade students is learning about Ancient Mesopotamia China. In Religion, sixth grade is learning about the Kings of Israel as well as exploring volume and surface area of prisms and pyramids.

Seventh grade students are illustrating the Ten Amendments and the Bill of Rights, polishing and presenting student-written Titanic Sagas as well as
the circulatory and digestive systems will be modeled with a mannequin.

Eighth-grade students are preparing for their final performance of the King Lear projects. We are working toward the completion of yearbook pages, due for submission next week. They are also is creating propaganda posters for minute men speeches for World War I. And in math, benchmarks-review of the entire year!
Spring school uniform or OMC gym uniform
may be worn until the end of the academic year.

We are keeping our children as young
as we can for as long as we can!”
Have a beautiful OMC day!
Virtual Learners

Video cameras must be on in order to be marked present for the day.
Mr. Cillo's Nook
School Ministry

Stop by this weekend to complete our CSW Scavenger hunt. The instructions and the first clue are located in the black bin behind the school.

Congratulations to our 2nd graders who are receiving their first Eucharist this weekend.

Stay connected with campus minister Mr. Paul Cillo.

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Samantha Angelone at sangelone@omcschool.com
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