Weekly Update, March 6, 2019

Pastor's Message
 Some of you might remember that many years ago there was a tradition of midday prayer held in the sanctuary on Wednesdays. At the February meeting of the Diaconate, I suggested that we bring this ritual back to the church and the Deacons agreed! So beginning on Wednesday, March 20, midday prayer will be held in the sanctuary from 12:15 pm - 12:45. This liturgy will obviously include prayer, but also scripture readings, music, and silent reflection. The practice of midday prayer is an ancient tradition for Christians that is often forgotten in the busy and fast paced world in which we live. I hope that you will find a Wednesday now and then to attend and participate in this sacred moment, an experience that you will likely find both healing and inspiring.
 And remember, today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Lenten season. A service of ashes will be held in the sanctuary this evening at 6:30 pm. The choir will sing S. S. Wesley's "Lead Me, Lord," and Janie Taylor will offer "What Wondrous Love" and "Be Thou My Vision" on the harp. 
This Lenten journey represents a dark and depressing moment within the year for many Christians. I hope and pray, however, that you witness in these 40 days God's great light and love for one and all. This is not a season to dwell on the past and what is wrong, but to rejoice in the future and God's redemptive power.     


Begins tomorrow!

Joe Marchio will be leading a discussion on 
our Lenten lectionary readings 

Thursdays at 9:30am beginning March 7

This class continue all the way through Maundy Thursday. You are invited to come when you are able. If you cannot make all of these sessions, please come and participate when you can.

Meet at the church Thursday (tomorrow) at 3:30 
for practice/rehearsal with Marilyn Sink 

If you can cook a simple meal and can volunteer one Sunday afternoon a year, would you please help out with a Congregate House dinner?  We're responsible for ten Sundays and only have about five active volunteers... training available, but help urgently needed. 
 Contact Alison Kaar:   alisonkaar@gmail.com

  I'm hoping to see all my big and little kids on Sunday as we make "Lent at Home Kits" with lots of goodies to help families observe this sacred season.

"Thank you all for supporting
our mission trip to Tanzania. 
It was an amazing 
life changing  opportunity." 
- Amy Hinesley and Leah Nash

Save these important dates:
March 8th and 9th - Confirmation & Maple Sugaring Retreat at Ironwoods Retreat Center in Rhode Island - 9th and 10th graders
March 15th - All church talent show
March 24th - Fellowship brunch following worship
May 17th/18th - J2A trip to St. John the Divine in NYC

Food Pantry Drive

One of the most wonderful expressions of faith during the sacred season of Lent is doing for others. We all have an opportunity to do this through our annual food pantry drive, which is being co-hosted by the youth of our church and our Missions ministry. You may recall we used to have our drive during pumpkin season, until the Chatham and Harwich Food Pantry helped us understand that the need is far greater this time of year. Last year we asked for specific items that have been requested by the food pantry. This is most effective in it allows us to streamline donations into what is most needed and it cuts down on expired items. Some of the items on the list like coffee, are items that folks who are in need often drop as they can be seen as more of a luxury item than a need. It is good for all of us to stretch ourselves into remembering that for some folks coffee is indeed a luxury. In the vestry there will be bins that are labeled for the items on the list. Please give generously (and don't forget to check expiration dates if you are pulling items from your pantries. Collections will be ongoing through Lent.

Please read excerpt below from the Family Pantry about hunger on the Cape and Massachusetts.

"It is hard to believe that there is a hunger problem on this beautiful peninsula where we live, but when you think of the employment opportunities and compare them to the cost of living it is easy to see that there is a disconnect. This problem is not unique to Cape Cod. A recent article in The Greater Boston Food Bank's Harvest newsletter discussed a Feeding America landmark study that showed how many families in eastern Massachusetts are going without regular meals. The meal gap is huge, and what is most significant is that 47% of people in need are not able to receive government benefits such as food stamps (now called SNAP benefits). The reason for this is that their household incomes are above the federal poverty level. "From our numbers, it's clear that hunger has permeated the middle class. The concept of hunger is no longer synonymous with poverty," said Catherine D'Amato, President and CEO of The  Greater Boston Food Bank.
One of the statistics that often takes people by surprise is that approximately 2/3 of the clients who come to us for food have at least one person in the household who is working and in many cases there are two people working. They just don't make quite enough to cover the cost of living here. In 2017 we provided food to over 9,300 clients and distributed 72,512 bags of groceries and 29 tons of donated clothing."

    Chatham Food Pantry
    Suggested Donations      
Granola Bars
Progresso Soups
Canned Fruit
Cans of Beef Stew
Cans of Coffee 
Crystal Light
Crackers/ Cookies

*No large size containers
  Thank you so much, 
 Ted and Martha Miller,  Managers

Getting to Know You

Be sure to check out our "Getting to Know You" bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall. Learn all about Dr. Robert Harned, who has been a member of our church since 1958! Dr. Harned will be playing the organ this Sunday at Church!
Thanks again to Marilyn Sink for doing the interviews and putting together these bulletin boards.

The Church Office Email address is changing!
We are phasing out  office@chathamcongregational.org

The new email address is:


Please update your contacts and address books

Prayer List 

Addison Pratt
Barbara Howard
Betty Blair
Betty Barber Rorabaugh
Bill Benoit
Bill Schwalm
Beth Eldredge
Bob Harned
Bud Heidebur
Emily Garfunkel
Emily King
Eunice Geist
Harriet Larsen
Hugh Jones
JoAnn Mets
John Emison

Laurie Hill
Maggie Swenson
Martha Anne King
Matthew Hamilton
Michael LaCava
Michael Wheeler
Michael Keeler
Michelle St. Aubin
Michelle Crean
Mun Long
Nicholas Tucker
Paul Doutrich
Richard Howard
Robin Wilkins
Rosemary Giasullo
Ted & Mary Ann Fritsch