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Weekly Update May 1, 2019
          So this week we've sent out  more than a few e-mails about the upcoming Walk & Run, as you can imagine we're pretty busy pulling it all together, and sweating the weather reports. I've been  around for 19 of the walks and I'm sharing with newer staff that we had a strange habit in the eary days of the event of raising more money when it rained for walk day. Let's hope that is the case this year! The show goes on rain or shine and I hope you won't let a little rain keep you from coming. Umbrellas and raincoats & boots will get us through. Given all we cope with living with autism a little rain shouldn't stop us!

   May is Mental Health Month.  

About one half of individuals diagnosed with autism will have a co ocurring mental health disorder. The impact of living with a sibling on the spectrum increases the odds of a neurotypical child developing anxiety and other mental health issues. Many times mental health disorders firts appear during the teen years. So as parents it is importatnt that we understand, and be able to know when and how to intervene and when to seek help. This month we will offer a two night workshop, Youth Mental Health First Aid, which will train participants to recognize early warning signs of difficulty and how to distinguish from normal teen age angst. This course is available to parents AND professionals who work with youth.  Please share with coaches, scout leaders and people in your faith community who work with adolescents. This is an opportunity to increase understanding and capacity in our area. 

Hoping to see many of you this weekend. 

You can also register at the event 

As part of our mission we try to keep you informed of relevant meetings, hearings, recreational opportunities in our community.

Check out the Bulletin Board this week for information about upcoming activities in the community.

The Bulletin Board is a place to have events that would be of interest to the families of HMEA's Autism Resource Central posted. Sped PAC meetings with speakers, recreational opportunities, classes and more. 

To have an event considered for posting please send information to  Sloring@hmea.org .
 April /May Calendar

 Register for Events @ www.autismresourcecentral.org 
or call 508-298-1610
 Fees for Events are as stated on site



May 5, 2019
5k Walk Run
Bancroft School  
Registration opens at  7:30 PM 
Registration Required -Please Register online 

May 17, 2019
Spring Fling Semi Formal for Teens 
& Young Adults 
Registration required 
Teens - 5-7 PM 
Adults (18 and older) 7:30-9:30 PM
$15.00 per person $45.00 Family Cap

May 18, 2019
Family Fun 
Mulligans Minigolf 
124 Sterling Road Leominster.
2:00 PM 



May 1, 2019
Parents of Adults Support Group
7-9 PM

May 8, 2019 
Parents of School Aged Kids & Tweens
Support Group 
7-9 PM

May 15, 2019
Parents of Teens Support Group and 
Teen Social Group With Cid
7-9 PM

May 18, 2019
Mulligans Minigolf 12:30 PM 
Lunch followed by Minigolf 

May 22, 2019
Parents of Girls Support Group and     
Girl Time with Cid 
6:30 -8:30 PM



May 6, 2019 
Ask The Experts 
Functional Communication Mands vs Tacts 
Laura Thebodo M.Ed., BCBA LABA

May 7, 2019
DDS 101
Panel of DDS Staff 
Ingrid Flory - Central West Regional Family Supports Director
Pamela Ferguson
 Central/West Regional Autism Program Coordinator
Pam Hickey
Central West  Regional Self Direction Manager

May 13  2019
5-9 PM 
Space limited 

May 20, 2019
5-9 PM 




Sue Loring -Director 
HMEA's Autism Resource Central 
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