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Weekly Update 
September 9, 2020

     How was everyone's Labor Day? The weather was glorious! So how are you preparing for back to school? Everything you've ever done in the past is slightly irrelevant. Whether your children are heading back to school remotely, in a hybrid or you've decided to simply ( simply?) home school there are challenges ahead. 
  Wired has a pretty good article on the challenges ahead with some excellent links on setting up the workspace for your child(ren) and schedules. I'm pretty happy that my kids are grown and I don't have to grapple with the issues covid has created around educating our kids.  WBUR featured a local family last week who shared the struggles and frustrations all parents of kids with special needs face with remote learning in a story last week. Thank You to the Budds for putting yourselves out there . Check it out here.
   Fall is one of my favorite seasons, back to school was always exciting, the leaves changing color, cooler temperatures, apple picking, pumpkin carving, but this year it also means an election. I keep hearing that this is probably the most important election of our lives, I'm inclined to agree.  Not only the health and economic issues our nation is facing with the pandemic but also the slow erosion of the rights of the disabled students and threats to change medicaid, puts the safety net we all count on at risk. 
    Many think that individuals under guardianship do not have the right to vote. They do in Massachusetts, unless their guardianship contains specific findings prohibiting voting.  We all use our voices to speak up for our sons and daughters who may not have a voice. This fall they CAN have a voice and raise it at the ballot box.
    If you are the parent of an individual aged 18 or older we hope you and they will join us on September 22nd at 6:30 PM for a presentation by Mass Advocates Standing Strong on voting rights. This will prepare both of you for November. With mail in voting this is the perfect time to begin if your family member has never voted. No lines, no sensory overload just a form to fill out and sign. 
    HMEA has a wonderful page about voting that has lots of information that you'll find helpful check it out by clicking here.

We are working on a calendar of activities for the fall and will have a newsletter soon for you with all the details . Some favorites will return like Adaptive Exercise, Legos and Karaoke with some exciting new groups as well. Hopefully all the details will be smoothed out by next week.The devil is always in the details . 

Stay Safe & Well

For Adults aged 18 and Older 



Please consider completing this survey which examines the use of  on Assistive Technology and  Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC).  This pandemic  has certainly changed the way we are using technology ,and. we are hoping to learn from you how  individuals with I/DD and their families are utilizing technology, and, where there are gaps.  
The survey was created by a committee of professionals, clinicians, family members and self-advocates which are part of a Technology Task Force.  This Task Force is facilitated by The Arc of Massachusetts and is comprised of members from The Department of Developmental Services ( DDS) , Association of Developmental Disability Providers (ADDP) , AT and AAC Experts, school personnel, ICI, service providers, family members and self-advocates.
To complete the survey please click on this link        Please note there is no age restriction!
We appreciate your participation and will examine the results carefully to help advance the use of technology in Massachusetts!


Sue Loring - Director Of Community  and Family Affairs
HMEA's Autism Resource Central 

Kris Cariglia - Director of Center Operations
HMEA's Autism Resource Central 
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