May 7, 2021
AGC completed negotiations for 2021. A summary of settlements is posted on our website under Union Documents. Need a login? Contact Renee.

Wage Allocations
We should have all the wage allocations from the unions posted on our website now. We are working on consolidating the wages into the uniform spreadsheet and should have it available soon.

To Be Bound Forms
The new To Be Bound forms are available here. Be sure to complete the form to sign your firm for work in Minnesota and North Dakota, and return to, and also include the contact information of others in your firm who should receive updates on the contracts you checked.
2021 Construction Contracts Released

AGC released the full license short form construction contracts this week—they are available to download on our website.

  • The Owner-Contractor agreement is new—it is the prime contract with the owner of a project
  • Contractor-Subcontractor agreement is updated to mirror the OCA. So if your PM has a question, for instance, about change orders, change orders is covered in paragraph 8 in both agreements.
  • Material Purchases agreement is to buy supplies, equipment, and prefabricated units. Again, it mirrors the order of the OCA and CSA.
  • ITO is a specialty contract, very valuable if you use ITOs because of a MN DEEDs decision that created the need for this contract.
What Does the Latest Executive Order Mean for Construction?
On May 6, Governor Tim Walz announced an off-ramp for pandemic-related limitations and issued Executive Order 21-21- Safely Sunsetting COVID-19 Public Health Restrictions. The order begins a three-step process to end current restrictions related to the pandemic. The second and third steps are relevant to the construction industry. The sector-specific guidance/requirements, including construction, needs only to be followed through May 27. From May 28 until the earlier of June 30, 2021 or until 70% of Minnesotans aged 16+ receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, business and places of public accommodation are subject only to the more limited requirements in the COVID-19 Universal Guidance for All Businesses and Entities. The document is posted here.

The state’s mask mandate will be lifted by July 1 — or sooner, if 70 percent of Minnesotans 16 and older receive at least their first vaccine dose. Approximately 473,000 more doses are needed to achieve 70 percent. Should the state reach that threshold, the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health will notify the Governor and the public. Effective two business days after that notification, or on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 11:59 pm, whichever occurs first, the Executive Orders that directly affect construction will be rescinded.
Until May 28, applicable businesses must continue to follow industry-specific requirements.

Businesses and local governments can impose their own limitations or restrictions, such as face coverings.
Questions? Reach out to Laura Ziegler, Director of Government Affairs, at
Ten Days Remain in the Legislative Session, AGC Advocates for Infrastructure Infusions

Construction Advocacy Week has wrapped up, but our work continues as the MN Legislature is making budget decisions that will impact construction programs for years to come.

This week, AGC of MN, along with the MN Chamber and Local 49, urged legislative leaders to use funds issued by Congress through pandemic relief legislation on infrastructure. On Tuesday, Senate Republicans staked out their initial global position, which directs $1 billion of the $2.6 billion federal dollars to go towards transportation and water infrastructure. Leaders mentioned getting contractors to work on roads, bridges, and other infrastructure as part of the economic recovery efforts. We’ll be closely monitoring budget negotiations, and expect guidance on Monday, May 10th from the Treasury Department on how the recent federal relief funds can be spent by the states.

The House and Senate Transportation Conference Committee, comprised of five Senators and five Representatives, started adopting same and similar policy language this week. The committee must ultimately decide the next two-year budget for transportation. Will it include more funding from increased transportation fees, as proposed by the House? Or will there be more money from the General Fund, which is the position taken by the Senate? Much of the budget talks in committee are on hold while legislative leadership reach a final agreement on budget targets for each area.

Even though it’s not a traditional bonding bill year, the legislature has passed smaller, “emergency” public projects bill in budget years. The House has proposed a substantial billion dollar bonding bill, but does not have the votes to pass the House floor. A bonding bill must originate in the House. However, a bill could come together quickly if there is broad, bipartisan agreement.
Sign up for our new platform for legislative action alerts! We are going to need your engagement in the closing days of the state legislative session- and you are the construction industry’s best advocate. Thank you for your time and advocacy this week!
AGC encourages members to make virtual appointments with legislators during this legislative session. Tools for having non-stressful and effective meetings can be found here. To find out who represents you, click here or contact your AGC Director of Government Affairs, Laura Ziegler.
Join the AGC Legislative Committee!

Ready to take the next step in becoming an engaged advocate for the Minnesota construction industry? Get your feet wet by joining the AGC Legislative Committee! Learn more in this short video.
Breaking the Stigma Barrier:
Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention in Construction

AGC is one of several organizations in the Minnesota construction community teaming with CSDZ on this very important topic of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Construction. Join us on May 21!

Mental health is an invisible crisis in construction. Nationally in construction, more workers die annually by suicide than by all occupational injuries combined. Learn how a culture of caring and wellbeing can reduce the underlying conditions and risks associated with mental health. This webinar will focuses on WHY these topics are imperative for construction leaders at all levels. Learn what you and your organization can do to help promote mental wellbeing and reduce the risk of suicide among your workforce and the construction industry.

Presenters will:

  • Demonstrate how to break the stigma of mental health and suicide.
  • Illustrate why mental health, substance misuse and suicide prevention are workplace issues.
  • Identify the industry and demographic risk factors that lead to suicide.
  • Highlight action steps to address these issues in your organization.
AGC Requests Proposals for 2022 Minnesota Construction Summit Educational Presentations

AGC of Minnesota is requesting proposals for the 2022 Construction Summit to be held at the St. Paul RiverCentre. The Summit will be held January 11-12, 2022. We are looking for presentation submissions in a number of different tracks, including:
  • Technology / Innovation
  • COVID – Past, Present, Future
  • Business Development / Operations
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Development
  • Public Owners / Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Leadership & Personal Development
  • Environmental Issues / Climate Change / Sustainability
AGC members and partners should submit their proposal by May 20 to assist the planning committee in developing their agenda. If you have any questions regarding the Summit, please contact Lisa Larson.
MN Construction Online Crew Hiring Event

Partnering with Career Force, this year's Construction Crew Hiring Event will be a free and virtual career fair, allowing participants to reach potential candidates throughout the state. For many in the construction industry, virtual career fairs are a new way finding candidates.
Although the event is free, please consider a donation to Construct Tomorrow, dedicated to advancing the Minnesota construction industry’s outreach to students.

Register for the event here. More information here.

Donate to Construct Tomorrow here.
Register your Foursome for the 2021 Golf Tournament Soon!

Join us on August 6 at Keller Golf Course in Maplewood!

Get all the details and register here.

Thank you to our Title Sponsor,
Larkin Hoffman!
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2021 Webinar Series

Celebrated in May, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month recognizes the challenges faced by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and their vital contributions to the American story. The American Bar Association dives into the experiences of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities along with the social, political, and economic issues they have and continue to face in the following webinar series:

  • History & the Law: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Context
  • Pandemic Technology Surveillance: Privacy Rights, Health Security and the Undocumented
  • The Model Minority Myth: The Impact on AAPIs in the Legal Profession and Beyond
  • Building Asian American and Black Solidarity for Racial Justice in Today’s America
  • Invisible Apartheid: What You Need to Know to Be an Ally in The Fight Against Caste Discrimination
  • Native American Pacific Islanders: People, Issues, and Policy Considerations
  • Intersection of Identities: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and the Asian American and Pacific Islander Experience
  • Dignity Rights in Asia: Humanitarian Toll of Economic Sanctions

Learn more and register here.
Free Upcoming Virtual Small Business Trainings from MnDOT Office of Civil Rights

AASHTOWare Requirements for MnDOT
May 19, 2021
If you are involved in, or interested in, vertical construction projects with MnDOT, you will need to become familiar with AASHTOWare (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials software).
Learn about this required system in order to help you comply with regulations, standards and industry best practices. You will understand how to submit certified payroll as well as submit and verify contract payments. Register here.

Website audits and updates
May 19, 2021
Prepare your website content to showcase your credibility and expertise that makes your company stand out in the marketplace. Receive templates for proper imagery, layout and design that spotlights your most pertinent information.
Learn current trends and best practices for website security, content creation and maintenance for longevity and sustainability. Register here.

Organizing Your Business for Succession and/or an Exit Strategy
May 26, 2021
Join us for a session on recognizing the art and science of preparing your business for continuity planning including creating a succession plan, funding buy/sell agreements, or developing other exit strategies on your terms. Gain a better understanding of the benefits of creating a framework, getting organized, and building a strategy through discovery and due diligence. We will help you consider who the key players are, what documents you'll need and next steps. Don't let these transitions overwhelm you—change is good and you'll be prepared. Register here.

*The Small Business Resource Center offers free virtual trainings for all certified small businesses. For the latest events, visit MnDOT Office of Civil Rights Event Calendar. The Minnesota Department of Transportation Office of Civil Rights partners with the Minnesota Procurement Technical Center Assistance and CIA Media Group, LLC to provide free virtual trainings to certified small businesses.
Tom Dicklich joins Minnesota State Building and Construction Trades Council as its Executive Director

The Minnesota State Building and Construction Trades Council announces that Tom Dicklich will serve as its new Executive Director starting June 1, 2021.
“The State Building Trades is an important voice for more than 70,000 skilled union construction professionals in Minnesota,” stated Dicklich. “I look forward to furthering the Council’s mission to grow construction union membership in the state by working closely with our affiliates and members.”
“Tom has demonstrated himself as a leader that has the ability to bring people together to accomplish key objectives,” said Harry Melander, President of the State Building Trades Council. “Tom’s legislative and policy experience will be an asset to the Council. I look forward to working with Tom, we are excited to have him on board.”
Utilizing Construction Technology to Increase Productivity and Safety

We live in a world where new technologies are outpacing adoption rates. Many times when you bring home a new piece of technology, whether it is a computer, television, or phone, it is already obsolete. The consumer’s desire for the newer and better means that companies need to focus on new products ahead of launching the latest model. The world is changing fast and, yet, as the common person drives past a construction site, they still see big yellow machines moving dirt – the same as it has always been. How could anyone change the way you move dirt? Learn more

By Ziegler CAT
Work Zone Awareness Survey

Each year AGC of America conducts a survey of members involved in highway construction work to evaluate the state of highway work zone safety.

Highway/Heavy firms are encouraged to participate, as the results of these surveys are helpful in sourcing Minnesota-specific work zone data to support our advocacy efforts in improving work zone safety.

Deadline to complete: Friday, May 14
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