On Tuesday, January 12th, I proudly took the oath of office and was sworn as Texas State Representative of House District 8 for the 87th Texas Legislative Session. While last session, I had the privilege of having dozens of family members, friends, constituents, and well-wishers join me as I was sworn in, this year was different. With COVID-19 very much alive down in our State Capitol, our new regulations prevented us from having a normal swearing-in process, that has been the tradition for the last 86 sessions. This year, only a limited number of people were permitted in the House Chamber, and as a second-term member, I could not have my family join me on the floor. My wife, Taylor, was able to sit up in the House Gallery while the rest of my family waited in my office, along with friends and constituents. Even with these regulations in place and being in uncharted territory, it was truly an honor to take the oath of office. Many critical issues face our state, including balancing our budget and taking the correct approach to handling COVID-19. I stand ready with my colleagues to ensure that Texas does not follow in the footsteps of Democrat-controlled Congress in our nation's Capitol. I will do everything possible to keep the republican values of Texas within our state's borders.