Weekly Update from Great Hearts Texas
Greetings Great Hearts Texas Families,

You may be relieved to know we do not have major news to announce this week. We are settling in, now knowing it will be remote learning from home for the remainder of the school year. I suspect most of us are still searching for the right routine and balance between learning and the flow of family life. Know this: The most important things you can do for your kids right now are to provide reassurance, encouragement, and extra hugs.

Google Classrooms – Looking for your feedback
By now, 72% of families have logged in to Google Classrooms to access remote learning materials and recorded videos from teachers. With your feedback, we continue to learn and improve. My hope is that you are feeling clearer about the specific uses of Google Classrooms and Zoom, while knowing that the paper packets continue to be available as needed.

Next Wednesday, April 29 , I’ll email you a link to a survey asking for your experience with Google Classrooms. There is no pressure to participate in the survey, though your feedback will be helpful and appreciated as we seek to learn and improve in our service to you.

Re-enrollment – Going 100% online
On Monday, May 4 , Great Hearts will relaunch re-enrollment and it will be 100% online! For families who have not yet completed re-enrollment, look for an email on May 4 to ensure your kids have their spot at Great Hearts next year.

Summer Programs – Announcement coming soon
We are in the process of determining whether summer programs will run this year. We commit to making a decision and sharing that with you by the end of next week, Friday, May 1 .

My thanks and appreciation for our teachers, our students, and you – our families – continue to deepen. As always, if you have any questions, please continue to email your campus Headmaster or the Great Hearts leadership team at Questions@GreatHeartsAmerica.org

Dr. Dan Scoggin
Superintendent (Interim), Great Hearts Texas
Co-founder, Great Hearts