Feb. 25, 2022
LLCA to Celebrate Read Across America this Tuesday
Every year Read Across America is celebrated at the same time on March 2nd. This also happens to be the birthday of children’s book author Dr. Seuss.
Lake Lure Classical Academy elementary students will celebrate this event by wearing crazy socks and hats this Tuesday. Our librarian, Mrs. Clay will be going to all classes and reading to students. 

Middle school students will be buddy reading with elementary students on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Middle school students will also wear crazy socks and hats. Uniform shirts, pants and shoes must still be worn. 
The day was started by the National Education Association (nea) in 1988. It serves not only to celebrate reading but also get students excited about wanting to read. Please join us this year to Read Across America and

From School Nurse, Crystal Redmon
Thank you to all who were able to attend our Red Cross Blood Drive. The Blood Drive was a success! We hope to bring the Red Cross back to LLCA in the Fall to help with the national blood crisis and our area's blood shortage. 
Please remember, while riding the school bus, all staff and students must wear a mask per state regulations. 
Here's an Opportunity to Have Your Voice Heard across North Carolina
Superintendent Catherine Truitt is launching a new Parent Advisory Commission to elevate the voice of parents in students’ education. The 48-member advisory board will include six parents or guardians from each of the state’s eight educational regions to ensure diverse geographical participation with the application available for parents today. Members will share their aspirations for public education in the state and discuss challenges it faces, helping to put together recommendations for elected officials and policymakers in North Carolina while providing direct feedback to Truitt.
 The commission’s membership will include parents with students enrolled in traditional public schools, charter schools, as well as homeschool and private schools to ensure broad representation of all school choice options across the state and include diverse feedback. This advisory board of parents will advise, inform, and engage leaders and public policy officials on various aspects of education and student well-being. Learn more and apply here
Welcome to our Newest Office Raptor
Beth Murphy comes to us from Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy with over 13 years of experience as a data manager, testing coordinator, and front office support personnel. We are so fortunate to have her with us to improve our front office support for students and parents. 
Vote for February's Teacher of the Month
This Tuesday, March 1st is the deadline for submitting your child's Intent to Return Form for the 2022-2023 School Year. After March 1st, there are no guarantees that LLCA will have open seats for any current student for whom we do not have a completed Intent to Return Form on file.
Tuesday, March 1st - All 10th and 11th Graders will take Pre-ACT and ACT 
March 4th & 14th - LLCA Open House & Discovery Tours for Families of new and prospective students, 10 am - 2 pm
This Week: Second-grade Teacher, Ms. Kate Illian
Ms. Illian has been an educator for about three years. This is her second year at LLCA. Prior to that, she taught at a private international school in Jakarta, Indonesia. One of Ms. Illian's favorite ways to start the school day in her class is for students to acknowledge the good things they see in their classmates from the previous day. During shout-outs, students point out a good choice or a helpful hand their peers have offered. This brief time helps students to be more thoughtful and caring toward each other. Ms. Illian observes, "It is so easy to pick out someone's mistakes, but learning to see and acknowledge strengths helps to be a better team player and friend."
Ms. Illian loves working with LLCA's partners when it comes to her students' learning. Whether it is a local visit to Chimney Rock Park, nature lessons from Mountain Roots, local visitors sharing about their careers, or a professor coming to their class to teach about STEAM, her students get a wide range of memorable learning experiences. 
While in Indonesia, her mode of transportation to and from school was a motorcycle taxi. "It was always an adventure riding on the motorbike taxi. I loved the fresh air and observing the culture as I rode. The trickiest part was on grocery day, but somehow it always worked out!" 
What's Happening in 2nd Grade These Days?
Our Second Graders are learning about geometry in Math. They are discovering how angles and sides help form various 2D and 3D shapes and smaller shapes within a polygon makeup halves, thirds, fourths, and so on! What better way to explore this idea is by building polygons with playdough and toothpicks! It was a lesson they will remember!
Rainy weather didn’t keep Mrs. Dawkins’ and Ms. Illian’s Second-grade classes from having a memorable field trip recently as they wrapped up their Social Studies and Science units.
Their first stop was the historic Rutherford County Courthouse, which tied into their study of the American Constitution and the three branches of government. Next came a visit to KidSenses where students participated in a hands-on learning experience about the weather in which they learned how clouds are formed and how wind impacts the weather.
Join the Club - Lots of Clubs!
Remember that Elementary Clubs for this term will start the week of March 21-25 and conclude the week of May 15-20. The cost per club is $25. *If you need a scholarship, please contact Ms. Kristin or Dr. Phipps.
Selections include:
  • Hiking Club (K-2) TUESDAYS Mrs. Peyer & Mrs. W-W (Max. 14)
  • Yoga & Mindfulness Club (2-3) TUESDAYS Mrs. Massey (Max. 12)
  • Gardening Club (3-5) WEDNESDAYS Mrs. Sarratt (Max. 16)
  • Running Raptors (4-5) THURSDAYS Ms. Kristin (Max. 14)
  • Odyssey of the Mind (4-5) THURSDAYS Ms. Kristin (Max 12)

Middle School Students Are Getting Enlightened!
In Social Studies, students have been studying the Enlightenment Thinkers of the late 1600s and 1700s, great influencers such as Isaac Newton, Voltaire, Rene Descartes, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Locke. The influences of these men lead us to the very democracy we know and understand today. We created puppets of our Enlightenment thinkers and provided narratives for each to present in class. We had fun creating them and learned so much. Mrs. Payne showed up in class one day in period costume as Thomas Hobbs, and introduced himself and his ideas, as well as his life story. Did you know he lived to be 91 years old? During a time when life expectancy was 40!! 
Sushi Anyone?
In Cooking class, thanks to Mrs. Hornes background and knowledge about Japanese culture and cooking, we made sushi using and implementing the tools used by Japanese chefs. 
We have recently enjoyed learning about Mexican culture and making homemade salsa and traditional guacamole with a stone mortar and pestle. We are ultimately headed for TACOS!! Yum.
Reminder: Upcoming Parent Meetings!
Mr. Smith and Mrs. Powell plan to meet with parents before the 2022-2023 course registration. These meetings are scheduled for the following dates at 5:30 pm on the school campus.

Parents of Rising Juniors & Sophomores: Thursday, March 3rd 
Parents of Rising Freshmen: Thursday, March 10th 

These meetings will provide an overview of the registration process and offer some recommendations for how parents can help students prepare for the upcoming academic year as well as for life after high school.
For questions, please email
High School Principal, Michael Smith at [email protected]
High School Counselor, Jennifer Powel at [email protected]
Our Mission:
To provide an educational community with high academic and character expectations, creating life-long learners. 

Our Vision: 
To partner with community resources supporting a culture of mutual respect and academic excellence that reflects high quality and relevant instruction and produces college and/or career-ready graduates.
Visit us online at llcharter.org