Jan. 29, 2022
Did you know that students are at academic risk if they miss 10 percent or more of the school year, or about 18 days a year?


Through the two-year rollercoaster that defined in-person instruction, hybrid learning, all-virtual, and back to in-person, this Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022, we will actually celebrate 100 days of all in-person learning!
To mark the day and the incredible resiliency of our families and students, we will recognize those students who have and continue to demonstrate our school’s key values, known as SOAR - safety, organization, accountability, and respect.
We will also recognize students who have maintained good attendance.
To add a little fun into the mix, elementary and middle school students can come up with their fun and light-hearted take on a 100-year-old person. Students opting not to dress up in that costume will be required to wear their regular uniforms.
In most schools, celebrating the 100th day of school is reserved for kindergarten or elementary students. This year, we want our elementary and middle school students to be reminded of the importance of regular attendance, and how it can affect academics. The importance of consistent, regular attendance is crucial to your child’s success in school. Good attendance helps students stay on the path to academic success.
Together, let's take our 100th-day of in-person learning as an opportunity to reinforce this important and impactful habit to our Raptors. 
COVID Numbers Remain Largely Unchanged
LLCA Reports its first cluster in the Elementary School

Local Covid metrics have remained roughly the same. As of Jan. 28th, Rutherford County's positivity rate was 39.7 percent, Polk County was 32.65 percent, and Henderson County was 29.9 percent.
Unfortunately, LLCA has had our first cluster. This was in our elementary wing. The class will remain closed for five days to mitigate the spread.
Let's all continue to do our very best in warding off the spread by properly wearing masks, washing and sanitizing our hands often, and staying home when you're sick.
Note that LLCA offers COVID tests at school - the rapid test and the PCR test. For more information contact Nurse Redmon at [email protected] or by calling the school at (828) 625-9292.
Help Save a Life - Give Blood
On February 25th we will have a Red Cross Blood Drive in the Raptor Center from 8 am to 1:30 pm. This will be a public event as well. Please consider donating. Blood is at a critical low at this time.

Cast a Vote for January's Teacher of the Month
There's still time to vote for January’s Teacher of the Month. Vote for the teacher whom you feel deserves to be recognized as our Teacher of the Month. VOTE NOW

Shout out to a Counselor
Feb. 7-11th is National School Counseling Week. If your children have been positively impacted by the role that our school counselors, Kristin Collette, K-5th Grade, Corrie Sias, Middle School, and Jennifer Powell, High School have played in the life of your kids, we want to hear about it. No names of students or families will be published, only the stories.
Monday, Jan. 31st - 3-4:30 pm in Mrs. Long’s room - Addams Family Musical Full Cast Rehearsal. Parent meeting to follow.
Wednesday, Feb. 2nd - 100th Day of School
Wednesday, Feb.16th - School Improvement Team meeting
Thursday, Feb.17th - LLCA Board of Directors meeting 
Friday, Feb. 18th - Teacher Workday, no school for students
Friday, Feb. 25th - Blood Drive in the Raptor Center
Are you Overlooking Another Important Deadline?
Did you know that as of Jan. 28th, more than half of our Raptor Families had already submitted the Intent to Return Form for the 2022-2023 School Year? This level of response is certainly quite positive, but it also means that those families who risk waiting to complete the form after March 1st will have no guarantee of a seat for their child in the new school year.
Remember, NEW families, are already applying to enroll their children at LLCA.
Beginning with this issue, each week we will connect you a little more deeply with one of the great teachers that make up our fantastic faculty.
Jennifer Peyer - Cat Mom & Adventure Seeker
A member of our LIttle Raptors Kindergarten Faculty, this is Mrs. Peyer's first year teaching at Lake Lure Classical Academy. However, she is no stranger to education. She is now in her tenth year as an educator.
Before joining the LLCA family, she taught preschool for underprivileged children in Ohio.
Some fun facts about Mrs. Peyer: she is a proud cat mom and she and her husband decided to move to North Carolina not knowing anyone here! They were ready for a new adventure in life. We're glad they found LLCA!
What's up in Mrs. Peyer's Kindergarten Classroom these days?
For a culminating activity in the Kindergarten Core Knowledge unit “Native Americans,” Mrs. Peyer invited a Native American to speak to the children over Zoom. Dwight Jacobs, a Lumbee Indian of North Carolina and a vice president at Duke Energy, spoke to Mrs. Peyer's class as well as Ms. Bradley's class about his heritage and traditions. He also took the time to answer questions from the very excited children! This was a fun and interactive way to further process the unit on Native Americans. Great job!
5th Grade ART spotlight 
Students in Ms. Williams' art class have been learning about Leonardo daVinci and how he was not only an artist but a mathematician and an inventor. Some of his more popular inventions were revealed and how many of them are in existence today. When a subject captured his attention, he “went all in” to learn all he could of that subject. Students were then shown a work by Rene’ Magritte, where the iris (the colored part) of the eye was replaced by clouds. The students practiced sketching an eye. They are now working on finding images from magazines that are things they enjoy doing, or maybe want to do in their life, or tell about themselves. They will cut and paste those images into the space of the iris, to signify “a reflection of their soul.” 
These Students Ask: What's the Matter?
Fifth-grade students in Mrs. Sarratt's science class recently completed experiments on matter using eggs. The first part of the experiment was to make a salt mixture to float an egg in water. Physical properties were listed. Next, the second egg was submerged in vinegar. It was allowed to stay in the vinegar for 24 hours. Afterward, the eggs were examined and the physical properties were listed. Students had to decide which experiment showed a physical change or a chemical change and state why.
Creativity on Display
Middle School students had a blast showing their School Spirit last week! Students and Staff sported bell-bottoms, tie-dye shirts, as well as movie and theatrical characters of all sorts! We are looking forward to seeing what they come up with for their 100-year-old characters on the "100th Day of School" next week.
Calling all Writers!
The new high school Literary Magazine class is happy to announce that they are working toward publication of a new magazine, to be entitled, Between the Lines. This past week, members of the class worked on fundraising efforts. They are also planning Valentine’s Day bake sale and worked on finalizing criteria for approving poetry submissions.
The magazine’s staff is looking forward to student submissions. Students who are interested in submitting their writing are encouraged to reach out to a member of the magazine’s staff. Informational flyers are posted throughout high school and on the bulletin board in the High School. 

The basketball teams wrap up the regular season with games on Monday against Masters Academy starting at 4 pm. Tuesday we will honor our seniors with Senior Night against Judah Christian Academy starting at 5 pm. Come out and support our athletes!

Basketball playoffs also begin at the end of the week with dates and times to be announced.

If you're interested in Spring sports - baseball, softball, girls soccer, and co-ed golf - please remember to get your physicals into Coach Ozzie as soon as possible. Any questions: [email protected] 
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To provide an educational community with high academic and character expectations, creating life-long learners. 

Our Vision: 
To partner with community resources supporting a culture of mutual respect and academic excellence that reflects high quality and relevant instruction and produces college and/or career-ready graduates.
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