Jan. 8, 2021
Yes, it's Winter, but it's Actually Time to Think about August 2022

In the grip of a cold January winter, you might not be thinking much about the first day of school next August. But school and district administrators definitely are.
Here at LLCA, annual enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year began Jan. 3d, and ends March 28th, with the independent Lottery drawing scheduled for March 29th. To ensure a spot, families of current students must inform the school of their intent to return to LLCA by March 1st.

Why do all of these dates matter to Existing Raptor families?

Interest in - and enrollment at - Charter schools continues to be on the rise, as families seek alternatives to traditional public education or increasingly turn away from the myriad challenges of a homeschool commitment.
Increased interest in LLCA has been reflected in a greater request for school tours, more phone, web, and email inquiries regarding the Little Raptors Kindergarten program, Early College Program, and mid-year transfers of students from other schools to LLCA.
Because LLCA has always given priority to its existing families, it’s important that parents and guardians with additional school-age children understand that they must enter the Lottery between now and March 28th for any new students in the family that they wish to send to LLCA.
Additionally, the March 1st deadline is a key deadline to inform the school if you intend to return your children to LLCA for the new school year. Any Intent to Return Forms received after March 1st cannot be guaranteed space in any classroom, as space and open seats are already quite limited across many grade levels.
More & More Families Consider the Charter School Choice
According to a report by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, published in September 2021, "Charter school enrollment, including virtual charter schools, rose during 2020-2021 in at least 39 states, with a 7 percent overall increase. It is likely to be the largest rate of increase in student enrollment increase in half a decade. Nearly 240,000 new students enrolled in charter schools during that period."
At this time we are still requiring masks to be worn indoors by all staff, students, and visitors. Thank you for making sure your child has a mask to wear at school.
We must continue our mitigation efforts to keep our numbers down as much as possible throughout the cold and flu season.
Hand washing, maintaining a safe distance, and wearing your mask properly while in school are all important ways to stay well this season.
And as always, if your children aren't well, please keep them at home.
Jan. 24th-28th: STAR 360 Reading and Math Test for Middle School Students

High School:
We will be celebrating homecoming during the week of January 24th. We have home basketball games on the evening of Jan. 28th, and there will be a high school dance to follow those games. 
Elementary Update:

Our Elementary students are soaring into the New Year with Adventure STEM classes with Mrs. Warner. Students will be exploring the beautiful nature surrounding our campus as well as deepening their knowledge of how things work.
We are looking forward to continuing with field trips, Muddy Sneakers, Mountain Roots, celebrating Earth Day, and many more educational (and fun) activities. As we enter the second half of our school year, let us all come to school ready to learn! 
Hats off to the SOARING Raptors
The following Elementary students were recently recognized by their teachers for their standout positive behavior: Hiram Bullington, Silver Neal, Dean McLean, Alaynah Wyatt, Daphne Postma, Greyson Berger, Nolan Fowler, Jayden Twitty, Allison McBrayer, Makena Rollins, Quinn Redmon, Stella Beam, Tristan Repasky, Isaac O’Brien
Re-vamped & Ready for a Great Year!
LLCA Middle School department has moved into the New Year with many new exciting endeavors - Including the addition of new team members, changes in roles and responsibilities for other team members, providing choices for students’ enrichment classes (Spanish, Family and Consumer Science, Band, Theater, Art and Active Learning), as well as a new organizational structure that includes the use of our new binder system.
Middle School will move forward with a focus on organizational skills as well as emphasizing the importance of good note-taking and study habits. The Middle School team plans to continue Fun Fridays as a PBIS incentive for those students who work hard at meeting the SOAR expectations in all areas - behaviorally, academically, and keeping organized! We anticipate a pajama day as well as hot cocoa and pancakes in the future for a Fun Friday.
Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest additions to our Middle School Team! 
Mrs. Stanfield will be teaching our 7th and 8th grade ELA and Mr. Payne will be teaching our 7th grade Math and Science classes.
Additional Middle School changes include Mrs. Horne teaching our 6th Grade Math and Science classes and Mrs. Warner teaching 8th Grade Science as well as K-5 STEM classes.
We also want to give another shout-out to Coach Flandreau, who joined our team after the Thanksgiving break. She has been an excellent addition and we look forward to growing as a team with all of our new members! 
Students have done a fabulous job on Uniform Checks and also wearing their masks appropriately. We appreciate your support in encouraging them to meet these expectations.
We are excited to approach a New Year with our additional team members, changes in teaching roles, and new procedures. 
New Year & New Binders in the Middle School

New Classes. New Opportunities. New Beginnings

We are excited about the new semester! Students have begun new classes, and we expect that we’ll be able to move into the new classrooms by the end of the month.
Our student council is working on an incentive program that will reward those who are working hard and following the rules. We look forward to hearing more from the student council about this program in the coming weeks. 
As we begin this new semester, it is a wonderful time for parents to sit down with their children and reflect on past successes, past challenges, and hopes for the future. If, at any time, parents would like to meet with their child’s advisor, our high school guidance counselor, or our high school administrator, please do not hesitate to give us a call. 
We need YOU in 2022!
Have you been looking for an opportunity to get more involved in guiding and supporting the work of LLCA?
ur Board of Directors is currently accepting applications for board and committee positions.

The board will begin reviewing applications on Feb. 4th.
Our Mission:
To provide an educational community with high academic and character expectations, creating life-long learners. 

Our Vision: 
To partner with community resources supporting a culture of mutual respect and academic excellence that reflects high quality and relevant instruction and produces college and/or career-ready graduates.
Visit us online at llcharter.org