March 19, 2022
Teachers are always learning too!
Did you know that one requirement of being a teacher is to be a life-long learner? Teachers at LLCA took part in a Literature-based STEM workshop led by our STEM volunteer, Dr. Kenneth Welty. Dr. Welty has been active in leading STEM lessons for 2nd and 5th-grade classrooms for the past two years. Teachers learned how to use a non-fiction book and adapt the literacy standards with STEM standards. Dr. Welty used the book, The Crayon Man, to model the process of making crayons while delving into the literacy components of the book.
Mrs. Levea and Mrs. Peyer learn that literature and science can motivate all students to learn.
Mrs. Blakeley and Mrs. Khalafalla enjoy being students for the day during the Literature-based STEM workshop.
Q3 Report Cards Have Been Issued
Report cards for middle and high school students were sent via email to parents on Thursday. If you did not receive your child's report card, please reach out to Mrs. Youngblood at [email protected].

Printed Report cards for elementary students were sent home this past week. If you have questions about your child's report card, please contact Dr. Phipps at [email protected].
March 29th, 11 am - Lottery Drawing for the 2022-2023 School Year. On-campus & Livestreamed on Facebook
April 30th: Junior and Senior Prom - more details to follow
May 27th: Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2022, 6 pm at the Raptor Center

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Celebrating Our Teacher of the Year: Mr. Kevin Lampson
On Friday, March 18th the staff and teachers celebrated Mr. Kevin Lampson as the 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year. Mr. Lampson has been teaching at LLCA for the past 8 years. He has taught middle school and high school, as well as classes for Isothermal Community College. Mr. Lampson has served as our School Improvement Chair, the Student Council Sponsor, Senior Advisor and as a teacher leader. His high school classes are always engaging, and his passion for teaching is inspiring to other teachers.
Lucky to be a Raptor
Rising kindergarten students - Class of 2035 - were invited to take part in the "Lucky to be a Raptor" event on Thursday, March 17th. These little raptors participated in several activities with kindergarten teachers to get them excited for the 2022-2023 school year. There were over 30 little raptors that attended this event with their families.
Our amazing kindergarten teachers!
Mrs. Triplett, Mrs. Peyer, and Ms. Bradley
Wyatt Duerr attended the "Lucky to be a Raptor" event on Thursday. Wyatt is the younger brother of Jackson Duerr in first grade.
SAVE Promise Club Wears Green
Middle school members of the SAVE Promise Club wore Green on March 16th to take a stand for preventing violence. The SAVE Promise Club is a student organization in which members show their leadership, creativity and passion for protecting their friends, schools, and communities from violence BEFORE it happens. This year these students have encouraged others by spreading random acts of kindness and modeling leadership to younger students.

Having Fun & Staying Active
The last few weeks have found our middle school students learning while having fun. During P.E classes middle school students are playing badminton and pickleball. In addition to having fun, they are learning the rules of each game, and the actual origin of how the games came into existence. Pickleball was new for most of the students and a few of them fell in love with the game. Badminton was another one that some of our students played but didn't know the correct way and a lot of our students fell in love with this game.  

Roses of Remembrance & Honor
Students in Mr. Calhoun’s horticulture class have been digging in the dirt, and they’re hopeful that their efforts will bring a little more beauty to the LLCA campus. Last year, one of Mr. Calhoun’s classes built a raised bed for a rose garden out in the front of the school near the flagpole. They planted a single rose bush with hopes that more would eventually be planted. This year’s class has recently planted twelve more, for a total of thirteen rose bushes - all of which were planted in honor or memory of someone. The roses will provide a beautiful display of white, yellow, and bluish lavender.