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Volume 49
September 2010

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Seems that the Chinese console market will see regulatory overhaul soon, based on Eedoo's announcement of the eBox AM Sep 15th via CoTweet

Check out the Weekly Update from Niko Partners AM Sep 14th via Constant Contact

China's Shanda buys up South Korean game developer, Eyedentity 6:50 AM Sep 10th via CoTweet

WoW's WLK online yesterday in China and there is a sharp increase in prepaid card sales, per this article 6:45 AM Sep 1st via CoTweet

Lenovo developing eBox game console in new Beijing eedoo tech div. Implies China's ban on consoles may be overturned 11:14 AM Aug 31st via CoTweet

Interesting report on the underreported earnings of Chinese upper class. We've known this anecdotally but here it is: 6:36 AM Aug 19th via CoTweet

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Shanda Games will release Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV in China. This is the first game in the FF franchise to be approved for Chinese release, and it is one of the few foreign games to be approved this year. The government has approved more domestic than foreign games in recent years. Square Enix had offices in Beijing for several years but pulled back it's China presence after limited success of it's games in China, but a successful FF XIV would bring Square to a better place in the market.
Lenovo's Ebox will launch in China early next year, according to Reuters and several other accounts. It will come with 30 games built in and a set-top camera that can detect a player's movements. Eedoo Technology, the video game unit spun off by Lenovo. The article states that by including games in the system, Lenovo is hoping to cut down on piracy for the console. Niko has long projected that if and when consoles are legally sold in China, they will employ an online games model rather than sales of packaged games, and building the games into the system directly gives users some time before they will need to subscribe or pay for new games. This is a topic we will watch closely, because if the government allows the eBox without revising the regulation that currently bans console sales, it should be considered as unfair trade. Niko has tracked illegal sales and distribution of game consoles in China since 2003, and we are hopeful the market will become legitimate by way of overturning that regulation.
Registration is now open for the 2010 Game Developers Conference China. Bill Roper from Cryptic Studios will be delivering the keynote address. The event will also include the second annual Independent Games Festival China. This year's conference is December 5-7 at the Shanghai International Convention Center. This is the 3rd year for GDC China, though not in a row. Niko will have some presence at the show - please let us know if you will attend too.

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