June 11, 2021
Get vaccinated at a State Park this weekend – or find another location near you!
New walk-in clinics available across Vermont throughout the weekend, including at numerous state parks as part of the annual Vermont Days Weekend. Getting vaccinated is free and easy, with no appointment needed. Visit healthvermont.gov/MyVaccine to find a clinic near you, with some clinics offering special incentives!

As of Friday, 79.8% of eligible (12+) Vermonters have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, which means 1,367 more people are needed to reach Governor Scott’s goal to vaccinate 80% of the eligible population. Gov. Phil Scott has said he will lift the remaining COVID-19 restrictions when it is reached.

“We are so close to our goal, but we need those Vermonters who have put off their shots to help put us over the top. Now is the time, and the good news is it has never been easier,” said Governor Scott, in a press release Thursday.

In addition to events at parks, shopping centers, festivals and town centers, most pharmacies around Vermont are offering walk-in vaccinations. Ask your local pharmacist today or simply walk into a CVS, Hannaford Food and Drug, Walmart, Walgreens, Price Chopper/Market 32, Rite Aid, Shaw’s Supermarket or Costco.

“Every person we get vaccinated not only puts us closer to our 80% goal but also puts us in a better position for the fall when we know cases may rise,” Gov. Scott said. “The more people vaccinated means even if that occurs, we can continue to see minimal hospitalizations and deaths, keep variants at bay and keep the pandemic phase of COVID in the rearview mirror.”
If your child is 12 or older, keep them safe and healthy by getting them vaccinated
Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD, at Tuesday’s press conference urged parents and caregivers of children over age 12 to get them vaccinated so they can finish the school year strong.

Kids can “get back to their friends, sports, camps and vacations — without having to worry about being exposed to the virus and having to quarantine — and can be protected for the beginning of the next school year,” Dr. Levine said.

Dr. Levine encouraged parents to seek out the Pfizer vaccine at their local pharmacy or walk-in clinics around the state, which can be found at healthvermont.gov/MyVaccine.

“I know the approval for this age group is more recent, but let me assure parents, caregivers, and these young Vermonters — clinical studies show the vaccines are safe and effective for 12- to 17-year-olds,” Dr. Levine said. “Any short-term side effects from the vaccine appear to be similar to what adults may experience. And we have the benefit of data from millions of adults that have now vaccinated.”

“Simply put: We use vaccines to keep our children safe from so many diseases,” he said. “The COVID-19 vaccine is no different — it keeps them from getting sick from coronavirus. It means we don’t need to worry about the rare but real threat of a serious hospitalization, Multi-symptom Inflammatory Syndrome or long COVID. And it means there is less chance of it spreading to others, including younger family members who can’t yet get vaccinated. Vaccines give them the immunity they need without the disease.”

More walk-in clinics for all ages are being added every day, including businesses, state parks, Jazz Fest and more!
New Health Department videos showcase why Vermonters ultimately got vaccinated
The Health Department has launched a new ad campaign featuring Vermonters who came to walk-in clinics and agreed to share their reasons for getting vaccinated.

The videos — which are now airing on TV and radio, as well as on YouTube and other streaming channels— are unique in that, at first, the people featured weren’t “all in” on getting vaccinated. They still had questions or wanted to see how other people they knew did.

These Vermonters describe their concerns and how or why they overcame them, some by doing their research into the vaccines, and others deciding to move forward in order to protect their loved ones.
Find more videos like these on our YouTube channel, including Commissioner Levine discussing vaccine safety and effectiveness, and many more on other important public health topics!
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Vermont Forward Vaccination Data
This data is used to measure progress toward the Vermont Forward goal of 80% of eligible Vermonters vaccinated, when COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted. Data is reported by the CDC and adjusted for duplicate reporting.

From Vermont Forward as of June 11, 2021:
  • 79.8% of eligible Vermonters (12+) with at least one dose of vaccine.
  • 1,367 Vermonters needed to reach goal

Find Health Department vaccine data, including vaccination rates by county, age, sex, race and ethnicity, at the COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard.

Visit COVID-19 Current Activity for up-to-date information on COVID-19 positive cases across Vermont.  
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