May 12

A Message from Rabbi Eric

In just under a week (Thurs. 5/25), we will begin Shavuot, so Chag Sameach! At its core Shavuot is a celebration of receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, the sweetness of the words of Torah and a time to reflect on how those words of Torah still have an incredible impact on our lives in 2023.

The upcoming week also marks the final week of our 2022-2023 school year. I hope you will

join us as we celebrate both this Sunday (5/21) and next Wednesday (5/24) – details can be

found below. I also want to take this time to say ‘todah rabbah’ to you. I cannot thank you

enough for making your family part of our Shir Ami Religious School family. I value our

conversations – from humorous to serious – in car line, the entryway outside of the sanctuary and anywhere we see each other in the community. I will miss seeing the smiling faces of your children each Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In the classroom, at Tefillah/Song Session and during conversations we have in the hallways, they make me laugh, amaze me with their insight and energy, and give me great hope that our future as a Jewish people is very bright. They have truly made words of Torah part of their every day life, and, in my mind, this is of infinite value.

Have a wonderful summer and please stay in touch. I can be reached via phone/text

(856-359-5758) and/or email ( at any time. I look forward to hearing about your adventures and to having some with my family as well.

Our upcoming Religious School schedule is as follows: 

Sunday May 21st: K-5th Grade in Session (9-11:30am): FINAL SUNDAY OF THE YEAR! Thank you for everything you have done to make this year an awesome one for our teachers, Madrichim and myself!

Our schedule for Sunday is as follows:

a. Students are in class spaces from 9-10:45am

b. Family members of all ages are invited to join us in the Sanctuary at 10:45am for

an end of year Celebration/Tefillah/Song Session/Thank You to Our Teachers and

Madrichim. It’s going to rock and we can’t to end our year in style with our Shir Ami

Religious School family!

Tuesday May 23rd: No Religious School Classes

Wednesday May 24th: FINAL WEDNESDAY OF THE YEAR! Classes will begin at our

usual 5:30pm time and we invite family members of all ages to join us at 7:15pm in the Sanctuary for an end of year Celebration/Thank You to our Teachers!

Do not hesitate if you have any thoughts/questions. I can best be reached via phone/text (856-359-5758) and/or email ( ).

Shabbat Shalom-


Help us honor FERNE LEVY

for her outstanding leadership as Shir Ami's Youth Director

by supporting our Youth Lounge revitalization project.

We plan to install new flooring, new furniture and cabinets, upgrade the technology,

and brighten the room with a fresh coat of paint.

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As a reminder, this is your last chance to donate pop-tabs for this year!

Thank you all for your donations!

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The SHAFTY Scene

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K2 CLUB K - 2nd Grade
CHALUTZIM 3rd - 4th Grade
BONIM 5th - 6th Grade
JCREW 7th - 8th Grade
SENIOR SHAFTY 9th - 12 Grade
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Mitzvah Projects

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We are accepting all styles, sizes, and types of shoes that are in gently worn conditions.

The bins are located in the youth lounge and at the front door of the main office. 

Soles4Souls Website

Bring silver pop tabs (soda, soup, etc)

to be recycled with you to religious school and place them in the plastic bottles

by the door!

The grade that accumulates the most tabs

wins an ice-cream party!

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