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Weekly Update July 6, 2018

Hope you had a great Fourth of July and a chance to enjoy family. The holiday threw me off so you get an update today instead of Wednesday. I had been mulling over a reflection on independence for this week's update as we celebrate our nation's independence, we should take time to look at our kids and how they have progressed towards becoming more and more independent themselves . Sometimes it happens without us noticing and sometimes it is a struggle  just as our ancestors had to fight for independence. 

My own son showed me that he is not only becoming more independent but also more connected. As we were having supper one night this week  he requested seconds. I had plated our dinners in the kitchen and served him & his father and as usual they were almost done before I had my plate done so when he asked for more I told him he could get it in the kitchen. As he walked to the kitchen with his plate his Dad asked me if I could get him a bit more meat when I finished my plate. Ed returned with his replenished plate and another plate with a serving of meat for his Dad.  OMG ! I almost cried, not only did he take care of his own needs but he heard and took care of his Dad.  

Another Mom, Amy Smith, wrote about her son Jacob and his preparations for Camp. You can read about it on our Blog. I'd love to include more stories of progress and steps to independence on our blog. So if you have an AHA! moment when you realize your child is making progress  please share with me so I can share with others for whom your story may be the 
shot in the arm they need to keep on keeping on! 

Seriously the weather has been so oppressive I thought I would die as a human sacrifice at our barbecue grill on the 4th! I greeted this morning's monsoon with jubilation! Global warming felt real this week! 

I can only imagine Cid melted at camp she has  one more week of Camp Havvago but we'll have a Friends & Family Movie next Friday at West Boylston Cinema. Donmarie will be standing in at that event for Cid so even in Cid's absence the Show Must Go On! Looking forward to seeing some of you at July's events.  I'm excited for the Family Camping Weekend, unlike years past when we'd have the overnight at camp I won't be totally exhausted from a week at camp and will be able to enjoy the overnight, We also have tickets for a Bravehearts Game and the ever popular Breezy Picnic Grounds Event this month. Space is limited so register now! 

All these events are possible because of your support and we thank you for making it possible. We've 5 runners for the New Balance Falmouth Road race who are doing their part to support your Center. If you'd like to support them you can click here to help them reach their fundraising goal. Wanja not only has set this up but is running the race - how amazing is she? 

Have a great weekend !


As part of our mission we try to keep you informed of relevant meetings, hearings, recreational opportunities in our community.

Check out the Bulletin Board this week for information about upcoming activities in the community.

The Bulletin Board is a place to have events that would be of interest to the families of HMEA's Autism Resource Central posted. Sped PAC meetings with speakers, recreational opportunities, classes and more. 

To have an event considered for posting please send information to  Sloring@hmea.org .

 Register for Events @ www.autismresourcecentral.org 
or call 508-298-1610 Fees for Events are as stated on site


July 13, 2018
Friends & Family Movie
West Boylston Cinema
Rt 12 West Boylston 10 AM $3 pp

July 20 - 22, 2018
Family Camping Weekend
Willard Brook State Park
10 Townsend Rd Ashby

July 24, 2018
Family Fun at the
Worcester Bravehearts
$3 pp under 3 free

July 29, 2018
Family Fun Day at
Breezy Picnic Grounds
560 Northwest Main St Douglas
10am $6 p/p under 2 free



Sue Loring -Director 
HMEA's Autism Resource Central 
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