Convention Highlights
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  • MYNA Conference: Be the Hope, Be the Change. How to Overcome our Inner and Outer Struggles to Make a Difference
Community Outreach Program

We are excited to announce a special ISNA Convention community outreach program in which masajid, Islamic schools, and organizations receive 5% of ticket sales from their members. The masjid, school or organization with the most ticket sales will receive 10% of the ticket sales of their registrations.

How it works:
  • Join the program by filling out our online form here and ISNA will add your masjid, school or organization's name to the registration form
  • Encourage your members to register for the ISNA Convention and select your masjid, school or organization's name on the registration page
  • Each participating masjid or organization will receive 5% of the ticket sale of registrations using their code
Ramadan Reflection
By Zakarya Mitiche, ISNA Development Foundation Summer Intern

The Prophet, peace be upon him, described the month of Ramadan as a month that “has come to give you shade,” evoking sentiments of taking pause and reflection.

In that vein, the 20th century thinker Malik Bennabi gave us a parable for Ramadan likening it to the cave of Hira’. He noted that when Muhammad ibn Abdullah went on retreat to Hira’, he was not seeking revelation. Rather, he sought to take pause from the perversions of society that he saw around him- of shirk (associations with Allah), of economic exploitation, warmongering, oppression of women, racism, and alcoholism, among others. These social ills likely resonate with us today (think global nuclear stock piles, the destruction of the natural environment, war and support for oppressive regimes abroad, the exposure of sexual violence and harassment via the #MeToo movement, daily assaults on black and brown bodies and communities through police violence, ICE raids, attacks on undocumented communities, racist Countering Violence Extremism surveillance programs… etc.)

That is, the Prophet sought to be put under the shade of the cave from the abrasive glare of the world around him. He knew in his heart that his society was off track, and so he retreated to nature where he must have felt he would find guidance...
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ISNA Scholarships
Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA)
Looking for a really fun, youth-focused and youth-led camp this summer? Want the perfect way to make the most out of your time off? 

Come experience an inspiring, eye-opening, exciting and HYPE 7 days and 6 nights at one of our 6 MYNA Summer Regional Camps. Zip lining, canoeing, kayaking, swimming––YES, for sisters too––archery, and bonfires are just some of the activities that you will not want to miss out on! 

Don't live close to the camp? No worries! When MYNA calls a camp regional, we provide optional transportation from major cities nearby to get you and your whole group to camp. Come meet Muslim youth from outside of your local community and connect with the greater MYNA family!

Plus, with this summer’s theme, Queens of Hearts, campers will get a chance to learn more about the amazing women that lived during the time of our Beloved Prophet (SAW).
Trust us: you won’t want to miss this.

Have questions about how MYNA Camps run? Check out our FAQ section: .

For more info and to register, visit:
Community Resources
Communities nationwide are benefiting from in-depth training, lectures, resources and networking opportunities that ISNA provides through our regional conferences. 

By supporting these events, you are helping us to uplift, inspire and educate others on numerous topics that can improve lives and communities. This lasting impact will positively affect our society as a whole. 

Please become an ISNA Monthly Sustainer to help further our reach and impact together.