The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time for subduing our physical needs and emphasizing our spiritual selves. Besides fasting, it is a time for reflecting on the Divine revelation, prayer, seeking forgiveness for past sins, and increasing actions beloved by Allah (Glorified, Most High).

At ISNA, we too are using this time to self-reflect on our past efforts, and to prepare for the year ahead.
Last year, we successfully executed various staple programs including: 14 MYNA youth camps which served 1,209 youth, the Annual Education Forums for Islamic full-time and weekend schools which served 800 teachers and administrators, and 10 Masjid Development Initiative Workshops nationwide, as well as our highly successful Annual Convention in Chicago, which welcomed thousands of attendees from across the US and Canada. 

Additionally, our DC Interfaith and Community Alliances Office has been busy at work advocating for causes that impact American Muslims and our fellow citizens alike. Last week ISNA met with members of Congress as part of the #MuslimsAgainstHunger campaign to protect access to food assistance programs, and earlier this month, our staff joined faith partners to advocate for just and equitable climate policy through the Climate and Community Reinvestment Act.

ISNA is also proud to host 6 annual scholarships for American Muslim high school and college students amounting to $143,000 every year.

As we enter our 55th year of service to Muslims in the United States, we invite you to give generously this Ramadan to ensure these programs and services continue to be available for all American Muslims.

Without gifts from community members like you, we would not be able to make this happen. Thank you for supporting ISNA!

Please note: Donations are zakat-eligible and tax-deductible. 
#Ready4TheStorm Initiative Launched at Interfaith Climate Forum

O n Wednesday, May 2, IOICA Director Colin Christopher joined dozens of faith leaders for EcoAmerica's National Climate and Faith Leadership Forum hosted by Auburn Seminary in New York City. Participants discussed the breadth and depth of work being done in faith communities to mitigate the affects of climate change, and the common challenges we face within cities and states to increase awareness and action. Christopher joined Reverend Susan Hendershot Guy, President of Interfaith Power and Light, and Rabbi Daniel Swartz from the Temple of Loving Kindness to discuss how we can draw upon religious teachings to push for a new normal around consumption. 

Moving forward, Christopher is spearheading a group of clergy to lay the groundwork for a pre-meditated media response to what is almost surely going to be another devastating climate change-exacerbated natural disaster here in the U.S. over the coming months. The group is calling their initiative #Ready4TheStorm, with the goal of helping the public understand the causes and consequences of climate change.
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BayanOnline is an online, self-paced education platform featuring classes from Sh. Omar Suleiman, Dr. Jonathan Brown, Dr. Su'ad Abdul Khabeer, Dr. Sherman Jackson, and many others

Thank you to Bayan Claremont for their generous support!
Convention Highlights
  • Over 200 Renowned Speakers
  • 500 Vendor Bazaar
  • Entertainment
  • Community Service Recognition Luncheon
  • Qira'at Competition
  • Matrimonial Banquet
  • MSA Conferece: Generation Thrive: Our Ancestors' Wildest Dreams
  • MYNA Conference: Be the Hope, Be the Change. How to Overcome our Inner and Outer Struggles to Make a Difference
Community Outreach Program

We are excited to announce a special ISNA Convention community outreach program in which masajid, Islamic schools, and organizations receive 5% of ticket sales from their members. The masjid, school or organization with the most ticket sales will receive 10% of the ticket sales of their registrations.

How it works:
  • Join the program by filling out our online form here and ISNA will add your masjid, school or organization's name to the registration form
  • Encourage your members to register for the ISNA Convention and select your masjid, school or organization's name on the registration page
  • Each participating masjid or organization will receive 5% of the ticket sale of registrations using their code
ISNA Scholarships
Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA)
Looking for a really fun, youth-focused and youth-led camp this summer? Want the perfect way to make the most out of your time off? 

Come experience an inspiring, eye-opening, exciting and HYPE 7 days and 6 nights at one of our 6 MYNA Summer Regional Camps. Zip lining, canoeing, kayaking, swimming––YES, for sisters too––archery, and bonfires are just some of the activities that you will not want to miss out on! 

Don't live close to the camp? No worries! When MYNA calls a camp regional, we provide optional transportation from major cities nearby to get you and your whole group to camp. Come meet Muslim youth from outside of your local community and connect with the greater MYNA family!

Plus, with this summer’s theme, Queens of Hearts, campers will get a chance to learn more about the amazing women that lived during the time of our Beloved Prophet (SAW).
Trust us: you won’t want to miss this.

Have questions about how MYNA Camps run? Check out our FAQ section: .

For more info and to register, visit:
ISNA Seeks Transformative Leader:
Executive Director Search Announced  

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) has announced a search for an Executive Director (ED) to lead the organization at a very historic point in its history. The ED is a new position created as a result of the historic overhaul of the organization's bylaws effective January 1, 2018. The former position known as Secretary General has been abolished.

In consultation with the Executive Committee and more broadly the ISNA Board of Directors, the ED will provide visionary and strategic leadership to build on ISNA's history of service to Islam and Muslims in North America. Dr. Asra Ali, chair of the ED search committee emphasizes that "the new ED will use her or his skills and proven senior level management experience to position the organization to achieve excellence in the creation and delivery of programs and services to meet the needs of our diverse and growing Muslim community."

Additional information is available on our website,
click on job posting for more information

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Action Alerts and Community Resources
Communities nationwide are benefiting from in-depth training, lectures, resources and networking opportunities that ISNA provides through our regional conferences. 

By supporting these events, you are helping us to uplift, inspire and educate others on numerous topics that can improve lives and communities. This lasting impact will positively affect our society as a whole. 

Please become an ISNA Monthly Sustainer to help further our reach and impact together.