May is Mental Health Awareness Month
We are honored to partner with Khalil Center to present weekly webinars during the month of May in recognition of Mental Health Awareness month.
Sunday, May 6
  • 4pm Eastern: Waswasa: Spiritual Manifestations of OCD - Dr. Fahad Khan
  • 5pm Eastern: Depression and its Manifestation - Dr. Samaiya Mushtaq

Sunday, May 13
  • 4pm Eastern: Providing Mental Health Services to Refugee Communities - Hadia Zarzour
  • 5pm Eastern: Religious-Based Bullying and its Effects - Dr. Rukhsana Chaudhry

Sunday, May 20
  • 4pm Eastern: Effects of Marital Conflict on Children - Saadia Yunus
  • 5pm Eastern: Prioritizing Marital Commitment - Sadia Jalali

Sunday, May 27
  • 4pm Eastern: Pre-Marital Considerations and Preparations - Kamal Shaarawy
  • 5pm Eastern: Healing from Trauma - Hira Khanzada
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ISNA Masjid Development Committee
Green Initiative
Green Ramadan Webinar - Tomorrow at 8pm Eastern

One’s faith commitments are critical for many as to how they perceive the world around them and their responsibilities as a citizen upon this earth. Ecological degradation has become the existential issue confronting the natural order which is not only part of social and economic problems but more importantly it is a moral and ethical issue. In less than a month, Muslim communities around the world will be joining the Sacred Month of Ramadan which ultimate goal is to purify us and brings us closer to our Creator using those things at our reach. Through this process of purification, we can look at our food consumption and our lifestyle as tools to obtain those benefits of Ramadan. So, what are the steps to make our Ramadan more environmentally friendly this year?

Presenters: Helen Azarian, Huda Alkaff and Nana Firman

Join Our Annual "Greening Our Ramadan" Campaign

We ask every masjid/Islamic center to adopt and pledge at least the following five practices during the coming Ramadan:

  • Conserve food during Iftar and avoid being wasteful by giving excess food to people in need. Conserve water, especially during wudu.
  • Use relatively quick degradable paper products for Iftar and not at all use styrofoam cups and plates
  • Recycle material, especially plastic water bottles
  • Replace all light bulbs with energy saver bulbs and thus conserve electricity
  • Give a khutbah on the Islamic imperative to conserve and protect the environment

ISNA Green Masjid Development Committee member Huda Alkaff received the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education (WAEE) Eco-Justice Award in recognition of work to connect faith, environmental justice and sustainability through education and service
ISNA Attends Public Narrative Workshop

Over the weekend, ISNA President Azhar Azeez and ISNA Board of Directors/Executive Committee member Dr. Asra Ali joined leaders from across the nation to attend the El-Hibri Foundation's Public Narrative Workshop in Washington D.C. The workshop was led by Dr. Marshall Ganz, a senior lecturer in public policy at the Kennedy School of Government. Ganz also teaches “Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change,” an online program designed to help leaders of civic associations, advocacy groups and social movements learn how to organize communities that can mobilize power to make change.
Changes to the Legal Definition of “Public Charge” Could Affect Visas & Residency Applications of People You Care About

While many of us have been focused on the travel ban case, the Trump administration has pushed forward with other efforts to restrict family immigration and deter families from accessing critical services. “Public charge” has long been defined as dependency on the government for cash assistance or long-term care, and it is one of many factors taken into account when officials consider visa and residency applications. However, the Trump administration is seeking to expand the definition of public charge to include the use of non-cash services such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, housing vouchers, and Medicaid. This could impact the applications of people who used services themselves, or have family in the U.S. who used those services. The US Department of State has already changed its “public charge” rules that guide consulates in deciding which non-U.S. citizens can enter the country or seek lawful permanent resident status , although we are unsure how different consulates are enforcing this change in practice. The Department of Homeland Security is now seeking to change the definition of public charge for residency applicants who are already in the U.S.

For more details, please see this short resource page on the State Department changes and this other fact sheet on the proposed DHS changes . Here is another page with things to keep in mind when talking to immigrant families about these changes. And click here to sign up for updates on this issue from the National Immigration Law Center . There will be an opportunity for us to push back against the proposed DHS changes through a public comment process. ISNA’s Office for Interfaith & Community Alliances is keeping a close eye on these developments and will notify ISNA members as soon as the public comment period opens.
ISNA Co-Sponsors 3rd National Baptist-Muslim Dialogue

Journeying through over a foot of snow on an April weekend in Northern Wisconsin, ISNA President Azhar Azeez, ISNA Office for Interfaith and Community Alliances Director Colin Christopher, and over 50 Baptist pastors and imams from dozens of states gathered together to strengthen Baptist-Muslim relations across the country. Building off of the past two national dialogues, ISNA and partnering Baptist and Muslim organizations emphasized the importance of grassroots relationships and solidarity built through project partnerships. During the Dialogue, President Azeez spoke of the importance of religious freedom within the Islamic tradition, and Director Christopher emphasized the history of white supremacy in the U.S. and its influence on some of the barriers to interfaith engagement with the Muslim community. ISNA also sponsored Muslim Center of Greater Princeton Imam Adeyinka Mendes for his lectures on the inner dimensions of fasting and ablution.

At the conclusion of the Dialogue, Director Christopher spearheaded a Baptist-Muslim Steering Committee process that will sustain the relationships and joint projects moving forward, including an interfaith chaplain residency program, clergy twinning, a shared spiritual experiences conference, and a church-mosque internalized white supremacy curriculum exploration. The 4th National Baptist-Muslim Dialogue is scheduled to meet at Princeton Theological Seminary in 2020.
ISNA Hosted its Annual Founders' Committee Meeting

Earlier this month, the ISNA Founders' Committee (IFC) had their annual meeting at ISNA headquarters in Plainfield, IN. IFC Chairman, Dr. Rashed Nizam, and IDF Executive Director, Ahmed ElHattab, led the retreat's agenda. IFC is a dedicated group of ISNA supporters, which has provided a unique supportive role to ISNA and its Development Foundation for more than two decades, and contributes to its financial stability. The committee participates in meetings and conference calls year-round to give their valuable feedback and guidance, which helps ISNA to stay better connected to the grassroots level in communities nationwide.
55th Annual ISNA Convention
In God We Trust
August 31 - September 3, 2018 | Houston, TX
Featured speaker Sh. Omar Suleiman discusses how Prophet(s) dealt with those with mental illness, disabilities, and special needs.
Convention Highlights
  • Over 200 Renowned Speakers
  • 500 Vendor Bazaar
  • Entertainment
  • Community Service Recognition Luncheon
  • Qira'at Competition
  • Matrimonial Banquet
  • Art Exhibit
  • Film Festival
  • Health Fair
  • Meet the Author Program
  • 5K Fun Run
  • Photography Exhibit
  • Children's Program
  • Special Needs Accommodations
  • MYNA Conference: Be the Hope, Be the Change. How to Overcome our Inner and Outer Struggles to Make a Difference
ISNA Seeks Transformative Leader:
Executive Director Search Announced  

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) has announced a search for an Executive Director (ED) to lead the organization at a very historic point in its history. The ED is a new position created as a result of the historic overhaul of the organization's bylaws effective January 1, 2018. The former position known as Secretary General has been abolished.

In consultation with the Executive Committee and more broadly the ISNA Board of Directors, the ED will provide visionary and strategic leadership to build on ISNA's history of service to Islam and Muslims in North America. Dr. Asra Ali, chair of the ED search committee emphasizes that "the new ED will use her or his skills and proven senior level management experience to position the organization to achieve excellence in the creation and delivery of programs and services to meet the needs of our diverse and growing Muslim community."

Additional information is available on our website,
click on job posting for more information

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The United States of Love over Hate: A Ramadan Supper Series .
This year, ISNA and   Shoulder to Shoulder   have teamed up with   Se7enFast , and  The People’s Supper  for  The United States of Love over Hate: A Ramadan Supper Series . The primary goal of Ramadan Iftar series is to identify, support, and connect people to Iftars open to interfaith guests across the United States, in order to help facilitate local relationship building among Muslim and non-Muslim communities. 

Shoulder to Shoulder will offer guidance to those already planning Iftars, as well as support to those looking to put together Iftars (including both larger community dinners, as well as home-based dinners). Please contact
Additionally, houses of worship are invited to display “Love - Your Neighbors” signs outside their buildings during the month of Ramadan, to show their commitment to standing with and getting to know their neighbors.
How do I participate?

REGISTER   a community Iftar
HOST  a home-based supper*
ATTEND  a community or home-based Iftar**
DISPLAY  a “Love -Your Neighbors” sign during Ramadan (and beyond!)

Use #LoveOverHate #MyRamadanDate on social media to share about your suppers!

Please direct all questions to:
Action Alerts and Community Resources
Communities nationwide are benefiting from in-depth training, lectures, resources and networking opportunities that ISNA provides through our regional conferences. 

By supporting these events, you are helping us to uplift, inspire and educate others on numerous topics that can improve lives and communities. This lasting impact will positively affect our society as a whole. 

Please become an ISNA Monthly Sustainer to help further our reach and impact together.