Weekly Update

The State Department of Health suggests that non-vaccinated residents should not go out for Holiday and casual outings. Fully vaccinated residents may go on a Holiday/casual outing, but a risk-exposure assessment will be conducted by the Director of Nursing (Administrator or Nurse-on-duty in DON’s absence) upon their return. Depending on the assessment, the resident may be required to be quarantined for 14 days. Once quarantined, the resident cannot receive visitors and cannot join communal dining and group activities until cleared by the Director of Nursing. Please note that residents may go on outings once a week only.
Procedure before leaving:
  • Residents or Family members who would like to go out on any given holiday must notify the Receptionist at least 36 hours before the desired outing. The receptionist will coordinate with the nursing department to ensure timely administration and/or preparation of medication before leaving the facility.
  • The family member transporting the resident is required to go through screening.
  • Following screening, the family member must sign a Resident-Family Certification Form at the Front Desk.

Procedure upon return:
  • Family members must call one hour before the resident returns to the facility to notify the receptionist.
  • Upon return, the family member transporting the resident and the resident must go to the screening area and follow the proper steps for screening.
  • After screening, the nurse-on-duty will administer the risk-exposure assessment in the screening area to determine if the resident will be required to quarantine.
  • If the resident will be required to quarantined, family members cannot accompany the resident back to their apartment.
  • If the resident does not need to be quarantined, family members may quickly accompany the resident back to their apartment.