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Due to the Governor’s new recommendations for churches to limit attendance to 25 or less, we will be cautious and hold our worship service virtually only with no in person attendance.

With an abundance of caution and the understanding that health is more precious than presence at the moment, we invite you to visit our Facebook page Pilgrim Church of Duxbury UCC or You Tube for the online service.

This morning, like many of you, I will be watching the Inauguration of President Joseph Biden as the 46 President of the United States. President Elect Biden has begun the day in church, worshipping alongside his family and a bi-partisan group of Law makers.

It has always been a fascination of mine what people perceive as the line being religion and politics. A lot of what Pastors do is to watch and speak out on issues that are also political issues, rightly if from a moral point of view. Jesus’ message was inescapably political. He denounced rulers, real and self-appointed. He spoke of good news for the poor. He led large groups of people into political discussions, he deliberately and dramatically acted out a parable of the temple’s destruction, thus drawing on to himself the anger of the authorities. He offered a revolutionary note in his offer of forgiveness. He died the death of political insurrectionists alongside the two crucified with Jesus.

Can one be Presidential and Pastoral (P&P)? We can do so be being;

1. Servant-hearted. Our best “P&P’s” know this. Both serve the people—all people—those who voted or who are church members and those who are not. We have a responsibility to both church and country to serve those in need. Whether you manage a McDonalds, a household or a church, as a Christ-follower, you are called to serve too.

2. Powerful. Again, our best “P&P’s” understand that it’s not power over people, but power under people that matters most. Wise persons and leaders know why we are entrusted with authority and power. We are to lift people up rather than tear people down. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are entrusted with both authority and power to build up those around us.

3. Flawed. All forty-five of our American presidents have this in common: they were (and are) far from perfect. Pastors are the same. We all are far from perfect. Rather than denying our weakness, we are called to be humble and to grow and to move forward. Our flaws should not derail us; they should inspire us to be better.

4. Inspiring. The greatest “P&P’s” are the ones who have inspired us. Influence and leadership could inspire millions. Look at the legacy of Lincoln, FDR, JFK., etc… they had the ability to inspire the masses. We should strive to be and to act inspirationally.

5. Courageous. You do not get to be “P&P” without courage. You do not get to experience the life God has for you, without courage. Do not let fear or struggles shut you down, leaving a big “If I only...” at the end of your life. Go for it, take risks, fail magnificently if you do fail and then get up and try again.
Whatever you do, whoever you are, be presidential and pastoral.


Today we celebrate Inauguration Day in our country. To inaugurate is to observe formally the beginning of something. Such an inauguration commonly occurs through a ceremonious event. In today’s Inauguration, we welcome a new President with a ceremony during which he places his hand on the Bible and swears an oath of office.
Every day we are all inaugurated to lead our lives, our families, our work, with the call and affirmation of God, our Creator with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Each day we begin with gentle prayers to receive the trust and assurance we seek to guide us in our lives.
We are called to listen, learn, lead, and love one another in our term of life. 
Blessings to you all.

Rev. John


Kindergaten through middle school families and students… Tune in today for ZOOM “Sunday” School!

  • Grades K-2 at 3:00
  • Grades 3-5 at 3:30
  • Middle School at 4:30.

Check your email for the links!

JANUARY 31st 11:30am

In accordance with Article III, Sec. E(2) of the By-laws of Pilgrim Church, the Annual Budget Meeting will be held Sunday, January 26, 2020 following the worship service. This meeting is open to all members for the purpose of approving the annual budget.
The Church Council is looking for two additional "members at large".

The Council is comprised of Pilgrim church members at large as well as, the Church Secretary, Moderator, and representatives of the Trustees and the Diaconate.

The mission and authority of the Church Council will be to oversee and coordinate the policy, life and work of the church, its Officers, Delegates, Boards, Committees, and church organizations. (from the bylaws)

If anyone is interested, they can speak with a current member or talk to the nominating committee.
Greg Hunter, Laura Hay, Margie Vose - At Large, Erik Dilger – Trustees,
Judy Gibbs – Diaconate, Lynne Devnew – Secretary, Bob Mustard - Moderator
Nancy von Stackelberg, Rosemary McGreevy
Last month we delivered so many cookies to the Inn. I wish you could have seen the smiling faces on the volunteer coordinator as well as the Chef who came out to receive them. They were so thankful. So, I thank you again for all you did to make some less fortunate receive some tasty treats.

Next week we will be collecting cookies again. We will have the table set up to receive them in the front entry to the church. The table will be there from WEDNESDAY, JAN. 27 thru FRIDAY, JANUARY 29. Many thanks again for all you do to make so many people happy. All homemade AND store bought cookies, brownies, bars, etc. are welcome!

Sandy Bondlow and Lucy Shepard
Pilgrim's Pantry

Our next Pilgrim's Pantry will be on Saturday, January 30th. Our support during the winter months is needed and appreciated! You may drop off food pantry items in the narthex of the church - just inside the FRONT DOORS; Monday - Friday 9:00am-3:00pm Thank you for your continued support!

Our current needs include:
  • canned fruit
  • juice
  • beef stew
  • canned chicken
  • spaghetti sauce
February 2021 Pilgrim's Progress

If you have any information you would like to be included in the February 2021 Pilgrim's Progress, please send it to Melissa by Friday, February 22nd. (office@uccduxbury.org)
PLEDGE REMINDER - it's not too late!
Our Trustees are faced with a tough task of preparing a budget from our expected Pledges from our members. You should have all received a letter from the Chair of our Stewardship Committee asking for your consideration of your support. We are facing a very significant shortfall in our pledging due to the effects of Covid and the life circumstances that people are facing. That is all understandable.

We ask that you please prayerfully consider submitting a pledge to help us plan ahead, and pray for our decision making which will undoubtedly involve tough choices.

If you do not yet have a pledge card, email office@uccduxbury.org and we will get one to you or click here to print a pledge card. 
RB and Angelique are creating a “Kindness Resolution Tree” that will be filled with your suggestions and ideas about how you and your family can make 2021 the year of grace and kindness.

Perhaps you will make a resolution to shovel your neighbor’s driveway when it snows or give to a charity that means a lot to you, or maybe even just choosing words to be a little kinder with those who are closest to you.

Whatever it may be, please email your kindness resolution to youthdir@uccduxbury.org or revbill@uccduxbury.org

We will write it on a paper leaf which will go on our kindness tree.  Names will not be put on the leaf, unless you’d like them to be there. (In which case, please let us know – otherwise they will remain nameless.)

Please begin sending your ideas in now, so we can have the beginnings of our tree on display during our virtual service on Sunday.