Welcome to Pilgrim Church of Duxbury
An Open & Affirming Congregation

This Sunday, April 18th in person worship for up to 75 people, following safety protocols recommended by the state and medical science (masks, distancing, sanitizers and no singing).

PRE-REGISTERING IS STILL REQUESTED. Call the church office or email office@uccduxbury.org or revbill@uccduxbury.org

Sunday School sign up here.

If you haven’t seen the virtual Easter pageant yet, now is the perfect time to enjoy the Good News that it brings! Click here to watch !

The service will also be on our Facebook page (Pilgrim Church UCC) and YouTube.
We are in the season called “Eastertide”, the period of 50 days, spanning from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. It is meant to be celebrated as a single joyful feast, called the "great Lord's Day". N. T. Wright, in “Surprised by Hope” suggests this explanation, “With Easter, God’s new creation is launched upon a surprised world, pointing ahead to the renewal, the redemption, the rebirth of the entire creation.... every act of love, every deed done in Christ and by the Spirit, every work of true creativity — doing justice, making peace, healing families, resisting temptation, seeking and winning true freedom — is an earthly event in a long history of things that implement Jesus’s own resurrection and anticipate the final new creation and act as signposts of hope.”

During Lent, we walk with Jesus to the Cross and Resurrection, during Eastertide, we are called to Practice Resurrection.

Wright says, "... we should be taking steps to celebrate Easter in creative new ways: in art, literature, children's games, poetry, music, dance, festivals, bells, special concerts, anything that comes to mind. this is our greatest festival.... this is our greatest day. We should put the flags out.”

If Lent is a time to give things up, Easter ought to be a time to take things up. From now until Pentecost, we should balance out Lent by taking something up, some new task or venture, something new and fruitful and outgoing and self-giving. You may be able to do it only for six weeks, just as you may be able to go without things during the six weeks of Lent, but if you really commit to this season, it might give you a jolt of new possibilities, new hopes, new adventures you never dreamed of. It might bring something of Easter into your innermost life.

Fasting (changing) and Feasting, are both celebrations of faith! How should you celebrate?
  • Use a special candle at family meals.
  • Take a hike in a “forest Cathedral”. Visit a botanical garden.
  • Have the first campfire of the season
  • Take a half day off work for a quiet retreat.
  • Plant a flower garden (or vegetables) as a reminder of Jesus as the vine and you the branches (Jn. 15:5).
  • Visit a farm or petting zoo where you might see baby animals.
  • Visit a sheep farm or try to meet a real-life shepherd. Ask them what it means to be a good shepherd.
  • Watch a movie that always makes you laugh.
  • Repair or restore old furniture, appliances, or fixtures in your home (or someone else's
  • Paint a room in your house with a fresh new color.
  • Pray for your enemies. Forgive someone who wronged you.
  • Bake bread and give some away.
  • Ride a bike or kayak for a day.

Find a spot outdoors - a park, a hillside, a body of water - some place where you can see the open sky and clouds, to sit for an hour of meditation knowing how much God loves you!


We have all shared some beautiful days in these past weeks. The sun is bright, the air is refreshing, and we are able to see new life all around us. The trees are budding and the daffodils are strikingly delicate and beautiful. Just the other day, Betsy and I were blessed with a gift of nature we share with you in this photo of the forsythia bush just outside our bedroom window.

We are thankful each day for a spirit of bright yellow light to invite us into a new morning.
Blessings to you all,
Rev. John

Pine Street Inn Treats Needed

Monday, April 19th thru Thursday, April 22, there will be a table set up in the front entrance of the church to receive cookies, brownies, bars, etc. (handmade or store bought) to bring to Pine Street Inn.  Your donations have been so appreciated. 

On behalf of Pine Street I thank you so much.
Sandy Bondlow and Lucy Shepard
Today the judges of the Spring 2021 Blackington Music Arts Scholarship Fund are asking for High School seniors who have been active participants in Pilgrim with their gifts in voice, instruments, dance or other to apply. The applications are available by clicking on the link below and in the church office. The due date is Sunday, May 9th and the announcement of the winner will be on Sunday, May 23rd. Tell your friends.

We are happy to announce that we have received permission to sing a new hymn this Sunday April 18 called “Dance into Joy”. In researching for licensing we discovered we had to contact the composer. The composer and lyricist of the music is actually Rev. Dr. CaroleAnn Camp former UCC minister in Springfiield, MA. She is now retired and living in Colorado. She said she feels happy and honored to have us singing her music.


In honor of our mothers, and to support new mothers (and dads) we will once again sponsor a Diaper and Baby Needs Collection on Mother’s Day! Diapers are one of the most needed items at shelters and organizations that support new parents! Could you donate some items in honor of our mothers?

  • Disposable Diapers and Pull-ups – All Sizes
  • Cloth Diapers and Diaper Covers – All Sizes
  • Baby Wipes

We will have a porta-crib in the side entryway where you can place your donations!