Welcome to Pilgrim Church of Duxbury
An Open & Affirming Congregation
A Summer Solstice Blessing
“It’s the midsummer’s evening, the shortest of night,
Where our planet is blessed with the greatest of light.
The sun at its power, sharing its wealth,
With the earth glowing in abundance and health.
The trees' leaves are green, the birds are in song.
The days are as warm as they are long.
We honor the animals, the plants and living things,
The sun and the water and for the life that it brings.
May you find well-being and may you find peace,
In days after solstice, as the light does decrease.
May the blessings of the solstice be yours I pray,
And the light warm your heart and soul every day.”

Mission Trip Letters

Our Mission Trippers to Maine would love to receive letters of encouragement from you! Let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers in a letter that will be given to them during a time of “strength bombardment.” Your words will undoubtedly boost morale. Letters can be placed outside Angelique’s office until June 24. Thank you for your support!

Miles Sampson
Oliver Thawley
Addison Thawley
Nathan Elliott
Jack Edwards
Ella Edwards
Peter Evans
Zach Falls
Luke Hutton
Isabella Leith 
Greg Kania
Lily Romanelli
Maddie Shifrin
Ben Wood
Riley Widdop
Grace Vose
Isabella Vose
Harrison Vose
Sebastian Cooney

Chaperones: Greg Hunter, Nancy Cooney, Angelique Kania

This Sunday, the congregation will sing a choral blessing to the youth as they leave on their mission trip. The song is Shalom Chaverim, #438 in the Chalice Hymnal. You may listen to it on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImAIzsLUq5g  Please note that the words on Youtube are slightly different from our hymnal.

If you’d like to learn the tune to support congregational singing, please come at 9:30 on Sunday and we’ll practice the song before service. We won’t be a ‘choir’ standing in front of the church, but we will support singing from the pews.
Join us!

Claire DeCusati
Saturday, June 25, 2022
at 11:00AM
Please join us as we celebrate the life of Reverend Eloise Parks, who served as a Youth Pastor and Associate Minister at Pilgrim Church from 2003 until 2013. Eloise shared her faith and compassion with so many in Duxbury, with her vibrant laugh and endearing smile, with her quick wit and by sharing the love of Christ. Pilgrim Church still follows her Easter Sunrise Service on the beach with a cross that gets decorated with flowers, symbolic of the symbol of torture being changed into a symbol of hope and everlasting life. Pilgrim Church has continued with the annual Youth Mission Trip, started by Eloise, and revived the annual July 4th Parade lawn party, also begun by Eloise. Please join us as we honor her life and her ministry.
Join us on the 4th of July on the church lawn to watch the parade! We will be serving hot dogs (Thank you Kayem Franks for the donation!)
All donations will be used to support our Sunday School Heifer Project!

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HEP SERVE THE HOT DOGS! Please take a few minutes to help us out! We also could use hot dog roll donations, popsicles, cookies, treats!


BEGINNING July 3rd WORSHIP TIME CHANGES TO 9:30 AM ON SUNDAY MORNINGS. Summer brings a more casual atmosphere to our worship so come relax in the AC and feel free to dress as comfortably as you would like!


We will have Sunday School on July 10 and August 7 to keep us connected during the summer months. Have a safe and fun summer!