Welcome to Pilgrim Church of Duxbury
An Open & Affirming Congregation
Just because we all need to be a pumpkin sometimes! 
Rev. Bill 


We will be lifting up the names of those who have passed away over the past year on Sunday, November 1 during our worship service. If you would like a loved one to be remembered, please send the names to revbill@uccdubry.org. 


On Sunday, November 1st, we are planning to return to indoor worship. There are several issues that will need to be addressed before we can do so safely. The first and most important is that the Covid rate for Duxbury needs to be in the yellow or green zone, meaning those with the virus need to be below a designated level. As of today, October 21st, Duxbury is in the yellow (caution) zone, allowing us to reopen. If at any time the virus rate enters the “red” zone, all indoor activities will be moved back to a three week no meet situation. 

If you would like to worship in person, we need o know you are coming,
pre-registration with the church office is required since we will be limited to 50 people, based on the size of the sanctuary. No balcony seating, all others spaced out to a safe distance in designated pews. 

Watch for more news next week, and in the meantime, wear a mask for goodness sake, and wash your hands!  

Sometimes the best thing we can have is a fun surprise. It might be a physically distanced visit from a friend, a phone call, a text message, an email, or a package on your doorstep. Even a gentle deer walking in the woods or in your yard (unless it’s munching on your flowers). In just a flash, we find ourselves in laughter, happiness, and maybe tears of joy. In an instant, our faces changes, with sparkling eyes and great smiles. Surprises can be fun, and we hold them close.
Can you think of someone who needs a good surprise to brighten their days? Can you think of a special time you both have shared that will bring them joy and laughter when you remember it together? I recently had lunch with work friends I’ve known for a long time. One of them had a few photos of us back in our work days. We laughed at how much flowing hair I once had. Remembering fun times brightens our day and lifts our hearts.
One great surprise might be to rediscover your inner peace that brings you joy. In our prayers, we often ask God and Jesus to touch us, to assure us that we are well and that they are with us.
It might be a surprise to find yourself walking with Jesus. Take this moment and hold it close.
We have to be open to the surprises of our faith lives that help us to be strong and be there for others.
Blessings to you all,
Rev. John

If you would like to attend our outdoor worship service in person this Sunday, October 25th at 10:00am. Please email or call the church office to make a reservation.
office@uccduxbury.org or 781-934-6591.
Masks required!

We will be in the back parking lot, by the playground. Bring your own chair. We will have
a few on hand for those that do not have a chair to bring or it would be too difficult.
God’s Pumpkin Patch!!!
Sunday, October 25
2:00 outside at church

· Bring a pumpkin(s) to decorate

· Paint, glue, glitter, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, construction paper, markers, yarn will be provided (feel free to bring anything else you might need)

· Your decorated pumpkin(s) will then be brought to our homebound friends at the Village who could use some Halloween spirit!
Pine Street Inn is a homeless shelter in Boston for men and women. For many years we have been helping serve the guests on the 4th Friday of the month. Unfortunately, we have not been able to serve during the Covid pandemic. We have found a way we can still help and we are asking for your support.

Would you consider baking or buying some finger food desserts, and drop it off at the church? We will have a card table set up inside
the FRONT DOOR of the church on Tuesday, Oct. 27th, Wednesday, Oct. 28th and Thursday, Oct. 29th. The doors are unlocked from 9am until 3pm.

Please wear a mask as you enter the church. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Lucy Shepard and I will deliver the goodies to Pine Street.
Thank you for your continued support,
Sandy Bondlow
Pilgrim's Pantry
Thank you one and all for your continued support of our food pantry. Your donations are even more important as we approach the holiday season. The next date for our friends in need to visit our food pantry is Saturday, October 31st.

What We Need:
Peanut Butter                   Beef Stew 
Canned Vegetables             Canned Chicken
Canned Fruit                    Fruit Juice
Canned Soup                    Pasta
Tuna                              Pasta Sauce
Donations may be left inside the FRONT DOORS of the church Monday through Thursday 9-3. THANK YOU!

Middle School Youth Group,

Next MSYG will be next Wednesday, Oct. 21 from 3:30 – 5:00 at the Round Pond parking lot on Mayflower St. (Across from our first meeting at North Hill Marsh parking lot.)

We’ll go for a longer walk, so make sure your shoes are made for walking!
Can’t wait to see you!

Looking at your yard and wondering how you’ll be able to pick up the fallen branches and rake all those leaves?
Do you know of someone who might need help with their yard?
The High School Youth Group is here to volunteer to help! Let us know what needs to be done and we’ll be there!

You are not alone! We want to live out that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Call Angélique at church, (781-934-6591) or email her at youthdir@uccduxbury.org, and we’ll schedule a time to get your yard cleaned up!
Pilgrim Families!
Please join us on
Sunday, November 1st at 5:30
at the church for an outdoor movie night, featuring
Bring your chairs, blankets, food, drinks…
Whatever you need to be comfy!
Come enjoy a heartwarming family movie and
some socially distant fellowship😊
November 2020 Pilgrim's Progress

If you would like any information included in the November 2020 Pilgrim's Progress, please send it to Melissa office@uccduxbury.org by Monday, October 26th. Thank you!