Welcome to Pilgrim Church of Duxbury
An Open & Affirming Congregation
Worship services will be at 9:30am thru Sunday, September 5th.
I’m enjoying the sun…. at least until 2 o’clock!

The weather has been such a challenge this year as we try to enjoy our leisure and vacation time. If it is not rain, it’s scorching temperatures or unbearable humidity. I do believe in the climate change and hope that changes can be made to help future generations heal the earth. But as I begin to wind down for a much anticipated and much needed vacation, I am more concerned now that we can find a comfortable place to enjoy a few weeks with family and friends in relative comfort.

Of course, one of the keys to vacation enjoyment (besides ice cream) is the ability to unplug. I am confident that the team in our church has worship covered and committees have needs addressed, which is a great gift to me!

Thank you and see you in two weeks!
Like all of us, I have been trying to keep moving and keep in touch with others during this pandemic challenge. We do pretty well to stay safely close to those we know and love, who need our support. Like so many of you, I am grateful for the time, spirit and energy to stay in touch.

I was struck this week by a quote from Sam Keen, a UCC minister in Berkeley California:

"The more you become a connoisseur of gratitude, the less you are a victim of resentment, depression and despair."

We have all slowed down in these months of challenges. When we slow down enough to notice, we give ourselves a chance to notice that our lives are full of things to be thankful for.

What about you? What in your life are you grateful for these days?
Blessings to you all.
Take care,
Rev. John

Get ready for an amazing concert! We have over 100 coming, some tickets are still available. You will thoroughly enjoy these young men and their incredible voices!

Its not to late to join, call the church office to get on the list, tickets are
only $10 ($25 for families with young children).

Are you missing this awesome hat?
Call the church office to claim it! 781-934-6591

Pilgrim's Food Pantry Needs
  • Cranberrry juice
  • spaghetti sauce
  • pasta
  • canned fruit
Summer Children Information
from Angelique
Tonight is our first ZOOM PAJAMA STORY TIME at 7:00 !

This event is geared towards pre-K and elementary students.
We will begin our time together lighting a candle and sharing our joys and sorrows, followed by a reading of some special picture books, and close with a bedtime prayer!
Wear your jammies (or comfy clothes), bring a blanket to lie down on, and a stuffy to cuddle with and join me for a special time together virtually. 
Email Angelique at youthdir@uccduxbury.org for the ZOOM link.

Upcoming PJ Storytimes are as follows;
Wednesday, August 4 at 6:30 on the church’s front lawn 
Wednesday, August 11 at 7:00 via ZOOM

Our next summer Sunday School will be August 8!
Busy bags will be available for children all other Sundays during July and August
Reminder that church service begins at 9:30 until Rally Sunday on September 12!

Over the Covid period, we have been blessed with our faithful members giving and remembering the pledge commitments that were made, with the understanding of an added burden for some to have to cut back and be flexible. We thank you and continue to pray for a steady return to normal.

Our expenses continue and we ask that you do your best to remember the church in your giving as best you are able. We are seeing a trend that will be challenging unless we are able to catch up on our budget through your pledged giving. Thank you!