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An Open & Affirming Congregation
Diana Butler Bass, a prominent Christian writer and Robert Jones of Public Religion Research Institute were discussing religion and politics. Ms. Bass noted that there was a decline of white evangelicalism in recent years and Mr. Jones noted that both white evangelicals and white mainline Protestants now make up the same percentage — 15% — of the American population. 
This means that over the past year or so, mainline Protestantism (like the UCC) has increased in membership while the white Evangelical participation was dropping in numbers not seen in many years. Before we get too excited about a return to the days of yore, non-affiliated affiliation has increased as well. 

But what it tells me is that the way we have bene worshipping here in Duxbury is at the start of a new wave of interest, where all are welcomed no matter where you are on life’s journey, in your walk with Jesus Christ and faith. Holding on to this understanding especially over the past 8 months of challenges speaks, to me, of people turning back to their faith with the simplicity we teach: God loves you, Jesus teaches you, and the Spirit moves you! 

No Pastor could ask for more! 
Come and be loved! 

These recent days have been wonderful times of sun and bright light. And yes, we needed some rain, and we’re grateful for renewed life in the plants and flowers we care for. These small gifts matter, especially these days.
Hear these words from Adaline Bjorkman, a regular poet contributor to Lumunos, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting “faith and life for the journey.” Our longtime friend Doug Wysockey-Johnson is the executive director.

No need for imported joy
Today it’s creative joy—
Something happened deep inside me
At the center.
The day isn’t long enough.
There are
Words to write
People to see
Friends to call
Cookies to bake
Garden to plant
Lovely skies
Music to play
Chapters to read
Prayers to pray
Lord, what a beautiful day.

Have a wonderful day.

Blessings to you all,
Rev. John
If you would like to attend our outdoor worship service in person this Sunday, October 18th at 10:00am. Please email or call the church office to make a reservation.office@uccduxbury.org or
Masks required!

We will be in the back parking lot, by the playground. Bring your own chair. We will have
a few on hand for those that do not have a chair to bring or it would be too difficult.
You asked for it, you got it!
This Sunday, October 18, both low tide and sunrise will be at 7:00 am. And the sun will be shining!
PERFECT for our High School Youth Group to greet the new day together and worship together!
Let’s meet in the beach parking lot at 6:40 am so we can gather together before going to marvel at the light coming into our lives.
Wear a mask. Dress warmly and bring a beverage, if you want. I’ll provide some breakfast treats.
Pick-up around 8. I’ll stay longer if you want to 😊

ALSO please bring something to share that inspires you and brings you peace – could be a poem, an anecdote, a story, a song, an object that makes you feel joy…. If it’s a song, you can sing it or play it from your phone; or if it’s a physical object, you can bring the object or a picture of it, or just tell us about it; or if it’s a poem, story or anecdote, you can bring a copy to read or just tell us about it.
Together, we can inspire each other. 😊

Please let me know if you’ll be joining!

Middle School Youth Group,

Next MSYG will be next Wednesday, Oct. 21 from 3:30 – 5:00 at the Round Pond parking lot on Mayflower St. (Across from our first meeting at North Hill Marsh parking lot.)

We’ll go for a longer walk, so make sure your shoes are made for walking!
Can’t wait to see you!

Looking at your yard and wondering how you’ll be able to pick up the fallen branches and rake all those leaves?
Do you know of someone who might need help with their yard?
The High School Youth Group is here to volunteer to help! Let us know what needs to be done and we’ll be there!

You are not alone! We want to live out that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Call Angélique at church, (781-934-6591) or email her at youthdir@uccduxbury.org, and we’ll schedule a time to get your yard cleaned up!
Pilgrim Families!
Please join us on
Sunday, November 1st at 5:30
at the church for an outdoor movie night, featuring

Bring your chairs, blankets, food, drinks…
Whatever you need to be comfy!
Come enjoy a heartwarming family movie and
some socially distant fellowship😊

November 2020 Pilgrim's Progress

If you would like any information included in the November 2020 Pilgrim's Progress, please send it to Melissa office@uccduxbury.org by Monday, October 26th. Thank you!