Unitarian Universalist Congregational Society of Westborough
Weekly Update
February 7, 2019
Sunday, February 10 – 10:30 am
The Winds of Grace
Beau Rivers Preaching
Nineteenth century Indian mystic, Rama Krishna said, “The winds of grace are always blowing; it is for us to raise our sails.” But how do we raise our sails when grace comes disguised as loss, failure or unwelcome change? How do we remain open to life, love and the future when the present feels so uncertain and frightening? How do we allow ourselves to accept the gift of grace in its many guises?
This Week in Religious Education
RE classes: On February 10 we are beginning in the sanctuary at 10:30 and you can pick your kids up from their regularly scheduled RE classes at 11:45! Thanks!

Battling Horcruxes: This year our 5th/6th grade RE class is participating in the program Harry and the UU, which explores the injustices in the world today through the lens of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter book series. February’s horcrux is about Animal Cruelty and how we can confront it!

PreK-1st Grade:
Spirit Play: Come hear some moral, interfaith stories, have hands on play, and enjoy a light snack.

2nd-4th Grade:
Moral Tales: Come join us as we learn about and practice the theme of nonviolence!

5th-6th Grade:
Harry and UU: Come join us for our Defense Against the Dark Arts class and as we learn about the Animal Cruelty Horcrux.

7th-8th Grade:
Modified Building Bridges: For the month of February we will be learning about Islam!
"2019 Dinners and More" Fundraiser
It’s finally here - the “2019 Dinners and More” Fundraiser! Click the link below to reserve your spot at one of this year's events:

Events offered this year include:
  • Lasagna and Layered Dessert Showcase, Hosts: The Dinner Fundraiser Team, February 23
  • Alice In Wonderland Tea Party, Hosts: Lisa Shumway and Amy MacDougall, March 10
  • A Night in Ethiopia, Host: Nancy Hafkin, April 6
  • Derby Party, Hosts: Ben and Erin Gold, May 4
  • Birdwatching with the Professor at Mt. Auburn, Host: Scott Shumway, May 11
  • Jewish Feast, Host: Phyllis Jaffe, May 19
  • Chocolate Dinner, Hosts: Paula and Jim Kirk, June 1
  • Pinot and Pareos, Hosts: Kim Hall and Justine Snyder, June 15
  • Farm to Table Dinner, Hosts: Sharon and Kevin Barrett, September 14
  • Wine Tasting, Hosts: Kim and Bruce Hall, October 5
  • Mystery Dinner, Hosts: Ben and Erin Gold, Scott and Lisa Shumway, November 2
  • 60’s Dinner, Hosts: John and Kathie Metzger, November 9
  • Homemade Ice Cream and Toppings, Lisa Shumway, Monthly: June, July, August
  • Homemade Specialty Soup Dinners, Lisa Borchetta, Monthly: September, October, November
Book Group February 8
For FEBRUARY, we are reading The Owl Killers by Karen Maitland. Please join us. The group is open to all. We usually meet in members’ homes and enjoy small groups of seven to ten people. We enjoy some light refreshments, lively discussion, and wonderful company. You are welcome to attend. If you are planning to attend for the first time, please email Judithteacake@gmail.com.
Westborough Interfaith Meal Packaging Event
Again this year Good Shepherd Lutheran Church will be hosting this annual meal packaging event on Saturday, February 9 at 1:00 pm. Contact Cassie Lengel or Janet Purney-Balabanis for more information.
Buddhist Group February 10
The Buddhist group will meet this Sunday, February 10 at 1:30 pm. Come join us to learn about meditation and Buddhist ideas. Last time we talked about meditation, Buddha’s life story, and his first teachings of the 4 Noble Truths. If you want to come but couldn’t make it to the first meeting, don’t worry about it and come anyway! If you have questions, contact Erin Gold at kentuckybluerose@gmail.com.
UU's at Lunch February 13
February can be a questionable month weather-wise, so we will stay in Westboro and meet at the ever-dependable South Street Diner on Wednesday, February 13 at 11:30 am. It has been quite some time since meeting there, and we hope we will have a large turnout to shake away the mid-winter blues. If you plan to meet with us, please let Mary Tribe (508-329-1646 or marytribe5@gmail.com) know by Saturday, February 9, so she can let the Diner know we are coming.
Snow Cancellation Information
If the weather is inclement and you’re wondering if services are cancelled please check the following places: 

WEBSITE: www.uucsw.org
PHONE: The church’s outgoing message (508-366-2635) will reflect weather-related closing.