Unitarian Universalist Congregational Society of Westborough
Weekly Update
March 21, 2019
Sunday, March 24 – 10:30 am
Creating Our Future Together
Program Sunday with Ann Maloney and Amy Martellock
Ann and Amy will lead us in an uplifting service that invites us to engage in creating a vision for the future of our congregation.
This Week in Religious Education
RE classes: March 24th we are beginning in the chapel for a special children’s worship at 10:30 and you can pick your kids up from their regularly scheduled RE classes at 11:45! Thanks!

Battling Horcruxes: This year our 5th/6th grade RE class is participating in the program Harry and the UU, which explores the injustices in the world today through the lens of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter book series. March’s horcrux is the Environmental Horcrux. Please help us support them as they are thinking about how to better care for their world.

Teachers: Please review the RE signup genius and consider donating your time and talents for a few more sessions. Some of our classes don’t yet have teachers signed up and we would like to make religious education here at UUCSW a wonderful experience. In addition to the regularly scheduled RE Classes, please consider volunteering to help with the many Group RE classes we have in the upcoming months. We would love to see you and your children as often as you can come! Thank you!

Easter Egg Hunt Coming Up! 
This is to remind everyone of our annual Easter egg hunt! We will be having a Group RE with an Easter theme on April 14th, the week before Easter, so that all our families who may have events or be traveling can still enjoy Easter at UUCSW! If you would like to help with hiding the eggs and helping run this little event, please let Cassie Lengel know!

PreK-1st Grade:
Spirit Play: Come hear some moral, interfaith stories, have hands on play, and enjoy a light snack.

2nd-4th Grade:
Moral Tales: Come learn more about how we can be “watchdogs” for justice!
5th-6th Grade:
Harry and UU: Come join us as we learn about the Environmental Horcrux and how animals and their symbolism can help us think about it.

7th-8th Grade:
Modified Building Bridges: Come learn about Paganism and its place in Unitarian Universalism.
Buddhist Group March 24
The Buddhist group will meet this Sunday, March 24 at 1:30 pm. Come join us to learn about meditation and Buddhist ideas. Feel free to drop in for any meeting. For questions contact Erin Gold at kentuckybluerose@gmail.com or Carol Palmer at cgpl1fe@yahoo.com. May all beings know peace.
Friday Fun Night March 29
Join fellow UUCSW friends each month for Friday Fun Night. Stop by the chapel on the last Friday of each month at 6:30 pm to meet up with friends and decompress after a busy week. Bring a game, food and/or beverage to share, and join us for the fun. 
Response to Mosque Attacks in New Zealand
Westborough Connects is an organization that fosters kindness in our community. In response to the horrific mosque attacks in New Zealand, Westborough Connects is asking people "to write messages in the form of paper letters or cards, offering thoughts of support, friendship and kindness for Westborough residents of the Islamic faith." They also encourage us to reach out to our Muslim friends and neighbors directly to let them know we care for them.

Drop-off boxes for the letters and cards are located at the Westborough Public Library. We will also have cards available at the church on Sunday. Please take some time to fill one out and we will collect them at the end of the service and bring them to the drop-off box. Thank you!
Ministerial Search Committee Update
Hello All – We wanted to keep everyone updated about what’s happening on the search committee. In brief, our primary areas of focus thus far have been on: gathering relevant data, information and input from our congregation and the UUA, developing a timeline and strategy to meet deadlines, accessing and updating the UUA Ministerial search site and other such tasks. We intend to update everyone regularly through: the Order of Service, Weekly Announcements and the Vista. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing everyone after coffee hour on the 31st to review the input from the Member Survey.

The UUCSW Search Committee: Lisa Borchetta, leesabee@verizon.net, Bruce Hall, bruce300@gmail.com and Juliana Spofford, julianas@charter.net