Weekly Update - July 30th, 2020
Safari Sunday: "Soul Amendments: Useful Practices for Increasing Spiritual Yield "
August 2nd at 10:00 am
hosted by First Parish Church of Berlin and led by Rev. Janet Newton
If we want to grow a more bountiful garden, we cannot ignore soil amendments — we add compost or wood ash, seaweed or manure — to improve soil structure by modifying the ground that exists naturally in our area. If we don’t spend time growing the soil, our gardens struggle to produce year after year. So what about some soul amendments? What tools for building up our spiritual lives might help us to grow more bountifully, even in the most challenging times? What resources do we have to improve our “soul structure” for more fruitful living?

To join us online, click zoom.us/j/8617420554
To call in, dial 301-715-8592, meeting ID 8617420554
For a full listing of all UUCSW Summer Services, click here or download our printable 2020 Summer Services Flyer .
Next Week's Service: “Solidarity”
August 9th at 9:30 am
Marge Fisher and Kim Hall will facilitate a UUCSW Summer Service addressing racial inequity through a discussion of how one teacher taught her class about racial discrimination.
Note: The service leaders plan to share part of a Frontline film from 1985 called “A Class Divided.” The film features footage of an exercise taught by teacher Jane Elliott in a third-grade classroom in 1971. The intent of the exercise was to teach students about racism after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Here is the link to the full film for parents and others to view prior to the service: Frontline “A Class Divided.”
Socially Distanced Picnic August 9th
The Membership Committee is hosting an event this summer. Please join us on Sunday, August 9th at the Bay State Commons at 6:00 pm for a socially distanced picnic. Bring your own everything! 
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What is a podcast? A podcast is a radio show that you listen to on the internet. UUCSW Reflections is the name of our church's podcast. Each sermon or discussion is one episode of the podcast.

How do I listen to the UUCSW Reflections podcast? There are two ways:

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What's the difference between the "Sermon" episodes and the "Q&A" episodes? The episodes with "Sermon" in the title are recordings of Rev. Laurel delivering her sermons. The monthly "Q&A" episodes are one-on-one conversations between Rev. Laurel and podcast host Amanda Hall. Together they reflect on themes from the month's sermons and answer questions from the congregation.

How do I submit topics or questions for Rev. Laurel and Amanda to discuss on the monthly Q&A episode? Easy! Email podcasts@uucsw.org. We won't share your name or identifying info on air.

The summer is a perfect time to catch up on anything you may have missed before we return with brand new episodes in the fall. Happy listening!
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