Business Re-Opening Training
Each business MUST have a plan to protect employees and consumers, make the physical work space safer and implement processes that lower risk of infection in the business. In developing these Exposure Action Plans/Policies, businesses will need to consider three main factors:
  1. Protections for employees and customers. These include possible adjustments to workplace hours and shift design as necessary to reduce density in the workplace; enacting social distancing protocols, and restricting non-essential travel for employees.
  2. Changes to the physical workspace, including requiring all employees and customers to wear masks if in frequent close contact with others and implementing strict cleaning and sanitation standards.
  3. Consider implementing processes that meet our changing public health obligations, like screening individuals when they enter the workplace, or reporting confirmed positives to customers. While these processes will vary from business to business, almost everyone will have to adapt, in some way or another, to our new normal.

The North Country Chamber of Commerce is hosting several business training sessions to assist businesses in understanding the guidelines and develop the required forms and plans. To learn more about these free sessions please visit their website. Sample templates and forms are also available on their website as well as previous webinars already held.
Adirondack Foundation SUN Fund
The IDA was fortunate to be a recipient of a $10,000 grant to help Essex County businesses affected by the pandemic. 7 local businesses were awarded funds:

Burleigh Luncheonette
Laura’s Custom Artworks
Old Mountain Coffee
Salt of the Earth Bistro
Sleeping Bear
Wilderness Inn
Wind Chill Factory
We Are Always Ready to Help!!!

Sarah LaFountain, Office Manager
Carol Calabrese, Director & CEO
Jody Olcott, Director & CFO
North Country Region Approved to Open Phase 1 Businesses !!!!

Monitoring the North Country Region

The Regional Control Room will monitor regional metrics during the entire reopening process. These regional control rooms will monitor the hospitalization rate, death rate, number of new hospitalizations, hospital bed capacity, ICU bed capacity, testing and contact tracing within its region during reopening and alert the state if the region's metrics no longer meet the reopening guidelines and adjust the reopening plan for that region accordingly. This information is updated daily.


The ROOST team has prepared a resource toolkit for business and community partners to use during these unprecedented times. While collectively we may not be actively marketing to travelers right now, you can use your organic channels such as our websites, blogs, and social media to stay top-of-mind with your audience. By staying engaged and continuing to build relationships with your travelers and customers, your business will be in a much stronger position to emerge as a destination to visit.

To learn more about marketing efforts and the ROOST Pathway Forward Campaign visit...