Volume 014 | July 31, 2020
Public Health Update
Public Health - Muskegon County is dedicated to keeping you informed about what is happening in your community, as well as around the state. Please be sure to connect with us to stay up-to-date for information on COVID-19 as well as other important Public Health news. Visit muskegonhealth.net or facebook.com/PublicHealthMuskegon Thank you, and stay healthy.
COVID-19 Test Finder
Are you wondering where to find a COVID-19 test? Michigan has a test finder tool to help locate a testing facility near you. The website also includes a list of testing locations that provide tests at no cost to you. You can visit Michigan.gov/Coronavirustest or call 1-888-535-6136.
Reminder: Keep Your Mask Clean
It's important to use proper hygiene and cleaning procedures when wearing face coverings and masks.
  • Wash hands before handling your mask
  • Hold mask only by the straps, and avoid touching the mask while putting on and wearing
  • Make sure the same side is facing out each time you use your mask
  • Wash your mask frequently in the washing machine or with soap/detergent in the sink and dry before use
  • Store mask between uses where it will remain clean, like a plastic sandwich bag
  • Wash your hands after handling mask
Preventing Vector Borne Illness
Did you know that Public Health - Muskegon County conducts mosquito surveillance during the summer? So far we have placed 20 traps in public parks for a 24 hour period. After the traps are retrieved, the mosquito types are identified by genus and species, tallied and reported to the CDC. This information is shared with researchers to track the spread of mosquito borne diseases, such as the Zika virus. We will place an additional 50 traps by the end of September .

Help Recognize Local Businesses
The Mask Up Muskegon Business Recognition Program continues! Nominations are being accepted   for businesses implementing creative and innovative strategies  for keeping employees and/or customers safe during the pandemic.

Here’s a link to the form: https://bit.ly/MuskegonBusinessHonors .
Businesses are being promoted on social media and in the Mask Up Muskegon stakeholders newsletter.
Please help share and submit nominations to recognize our local businesses.