MARCH 29, 2023



  • Staff Development Trainer (details here)
  • Behavioral Health Service Coordinator and Compliance Manager (BHSC) (details here)
  • McAuley Storeroom Clerk (details here)
  • DSP/CNA (all shifts)
  • RN/LPN (all shifts)

One of the best ways we can find great people to join our teams is by spreading the word that Misericordia is hiring. There is no guarantee that all referrals will be hired but we can guarantee that all referrals who meet the qualifications, will be interviewed and considered. Hiring managers do their very best to hire talented individuals who will add to the team dynamic and provide great care for our residents. You can earn up to $1000 for each successful hire who works with us for a year, as a result of your efforts to refer them to us. In the next few days we will have recruitment materials in our reception areas, please take them and pass them along. If you need additional material, you can reach out to [email protected] and our Recruiting Team will assist you.



An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a plan to help employees reach the goals determined during the performance evaluation process. This plan will help employees stay on track with their goals. All self-raters will meet with their evaluators to discuss the IDP. 

Click here to find the IDP form, as well as a training video that will help you understand the form as a self-rater. These materials can also be found in the Performance Review folder on the home screen of all Mis devices. 

Pictured: The Performance Review folder found on the home screen of every Misericordia device. To find the self-rater IDP form click the icon > click the SelfRater folder. 



Thank you to all members of management who joined us for the March leadership series. Stay tuned to find out about more sessions taking place in April.



It is said that "music allows us to communicate common humanity to each other." This quarter we invite everyone to send us songs that make you feel uplifted and empowered. This includes songs that communicate your identity; songs that communicate how you feel; and songs you listen to for a confidence boost to get you through your everyday lives!

Here are the guidelines:

  • You may include songs from any genre, songs in any language, and songs with no lyrics.
  • Please be mindful of songs containing explicit language and provide clean/radio edit versions of them if possible.
  • Residents who wish to submit songs should be assisted by staff, as needed. Please provide their first name and last initial.

There is no limit to how many songs you submit, so drop them here and we will share them in Campus Connections. 


  • From Ayo Adebayo: "'God's Not Done With You' by Tauren Wells; 'God Is In This Story' by Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave—Never give up, God is not done with you; No matter what You go through. God is in your story and he is writing your story. Do not give up. He will definitely give you an expected end."

  • From Matt Epstein: "'Keep It Dark' by Genesis—A strong hook and powerful drumming from Phil Collins? Can't go wrong!"

  • From Susan Grund: "'I've Got Joy' by CeCe Winans—All your struggles and trials in life, God is good. Great words and very uplifting. God has us in the palm of his hand. Amen."

  • From Bernadette Bajgrowicz: "Throwback" by Michael Patrick Kelly.

  • From Jon Larson: "'I Am What I Am' by Gloria Gaynor—It is a reminder to be proud of who you are!"

  • From Lesley Cervantes: "Cristofori's Dream' by David Lanz—Just listen to it and you'll understand."

  • From Belen Rivera: "'El Todopoderoso' by Hector Lavoe This song was played at family gatherings decades ago. It always brings warm memories. It reminds our family how God is all powerful."

  • From Kristen Rice:"'Closer' by Goapele—This song always reminds me to keep going because every day I’m closer and closer to my goals and dreams."

  • From Tina Stendardo: "'The Whole of the Moon' by The Waterboys—This song is a dedication to exceptionally strong people. If each of us takes a moment to think, we can appreciate these people in our lives."

  • From Angie Bass: "'Don't You Worry Bout a Thing' by Stevie WonderI enjoy music in the morning. This song helps me get my day off to a good start."

  • From Sr Carolyn Sniegowski: "'I Will Survive' by Gloria GaynorReinforces the fact that a woman (anyone) has the strength to overcome all odds and bolsters the confidence needed to do it."

  • From Laura Schulz: "'Overcomer' by MandisaYou can be down and hopeless but somehow you can do it and make it through the tough times life brings you."

  • From Kerry Roach: "'Country Roads' by John DenverIt's the unofficial song of Mis, no matter where I hear it, I think of Misericordia!"

  • From Monica Taylor: "'Roar' by Katy PerryThis song is about finding your own voice and gaining personal strength."

  • From Tania Bridge: "'I'm Every Woman' by Whitney Houston—This song makes me believe that I can do anything. That I am everything."

Click here to listen to all of the submissions so far. Be sure to see a submission so we can add yours!


Jersey Mike's is a supporter of the Special Olympics. Purchases at any of their locations today, March 29th, will directly benefit Special Olympics Illinois. Click here to find a store need you!



Pictured: The Spring 2023 Market Days flyer.

Open to all staff, Market Days is a quarterly sale with art, personal accessories, home decor, and plants produced by residents and participants in Misericordia's Day Services programs.

Cash and checks are accepted.


"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." Coretta Scott King

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