Volume 11 | Issue 24 | June 29, 2022
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Arkansas IPM Report
Arkansas is experiencing a significant bollworm moth flight. It is important to monitor for larvae in susceptible crops such as soybean, grain sorghum & cotton.

Find this information along with updates on southwestern corn borer and blister beetle in this report for June 24, 2022.

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Start Scouting for Leaf Blast
Rice blast is unpredictable. It may be lurking in fields with a history if planted with susceptible or moderately susceptible varieties. Infection may go fast when conditions are ideal for the spores to germinate. Learn the favorable conditions and symptoms, and get scouting recommendations and management practices.

Closeup of rice plant infected with blast fungus. Green leaves are covered in dark brown and black spots from infection.
Understanding the Yield Impact of Septoria Brown Spot on Soybean
Septoria brown spot frequently occurs in Arkansas soybean fields, and yield loss is not typical. However, it can cause significant yield loss when found in the top third of the canopy during the reproductive stages. Learn more about this disease in this blog post.

Soybean plant infected with Septoria brown spot. Green leaves are yellowed and have brown spots caused by the foliar disease.
Arkansas Rice Update
This update contains information on conditions, mid-season nitrogen timing, scouting for leaf blast, and markets.
(June 24, 2022)

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Arkansas Crop Market Reports
2021 Crop Cash Market Report and 2022 New Crop Booking Market Reports
(June 20 - 24, 2022)

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Mid-season Weed Control Options and Issues

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