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Head of School

100 days
On February 8, next week, we will celebrate the 100th day of school this year! There will be lots of counting, grouping, and regrouping of 100s! This is always a wonderful and fun day for our students. Sometimes it's the day when kids "get it"! It's always a day when kids engage with math in ways they never have!

I was thinking that it would be a great day to celebrate having 100% parent participation in our Annual Fund! One hundred percent of our faculty and Board have either pledged or given a gift to the Annual Fund already this school year. The percentage given is important when we apply for grants. Grantors want to "see" that all stakeholders support the program. Having 100% parental participation will help us receive more grant money for the extras we do!

Gifts to the Annual Fund not only help us do the extras, they help us keep the cost of tuition down. The amount charged for tuition is not the amount that it costs us to run the school, keep the lights on and employ our awesome faculty! 

Many parents have given this school year, but not all. For those who have already given, THANK YOU! Your gifts are so appreciated! 

If you haven't already given, I'm challenging you to give a gift today! We will make it very easy! Just click on the link below! Any amount is appreciated!

Let's have 100% participation by the 100th day of school!! Only a few days left!! 


Students may dress down in a Trident t-shirt and shorts of appropriate length on the days that they are scheduled for PE. If leggings are worn students must wear shorts over the leggings. If interested in a Trident t-shirt contact Amber in the front office. Shirts are $15.


Our survey has launched and there are just a few days left until it closes. If you haven’t responded yet, please do so! Your opinions and perceptions matter a great deal and we need to hear from you. If you have not received an email asking you to participate, please contact us directly at pbrown@tridentacademy.com and we will make sure you have a chance to participate.

The survey should only take about ten minutes to complete and the deadline is  February 8, 2019.

The 7th grade working on their Trench Project

The 7th grade is learning about combining like terms through playing
“Algebra Uno”!
Grayson practicing his /ch/ sound while chopping cheese

Atticus and Sadie had fun reading and sorting words with the -ng "Music House" phonograms, for example: "sing, sang, song, sung"
The Starfish working hard at unscrambling their red words.
Crazy hat day!
Favorite Decade Day
Please share your pictures!
If you have any pictures from our school events that you would like to share with us, please email them to  lj121990@yahoo.com .
Yearbook ad deadline has been extended to February 8th!
Need Lunch Ideas?
Many of our families have been using a local school lunch delivery service and LOVE it!
Food For Thought -  www.foodforthoughtcharleston.com . Please consider supporting this service. We have to have a certain number participating for them to continue delivering. Thanks for considering! All orders are placed through Food for Thought, not Trident Academy.
Calendar of Events
  • Feb. 6-TAPA meeting 8:00 am
  • Feb. 8-Yearbook Ad Deadline
  • Feb. 8-Dress down day. $1 to participate
  • Feb. 15-18- Winter break-no school