Newsletter  July 27th, 2012
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Dear team!
At the Vineman Triathlon expo, we met with our friend Mark Allen (6x IM Kona winner and one of the most accomplished athletes of our time).
One of the great assets of Mark, besides his incredible athleticism, is not only the smart approach to training, but the way he approaches sports and life itself. 
We knew he was working on a book called "Fit Soul & Fit Body", together with his friend Brant Secunda, a Huichol Shaman and Healer, who has played a big role in Mark's life and successful career. 
I had the chance to buy that book at the expo, and just reading the first chapter I knew that I would love the whole concept of this book.

Mark starts telling his story of the IM Kona in 1989, his sixth attempt to beat Dave Scott for an IM victory. 
They were racing side by side for the entire race, out of the water, on the bike and during the whole marathon. With a couple of miles to go, Mark had no positive thoughts left, was completely exhausted and already admitting the possibility of another defeat.
Then he saw his friend Brant standing on the side and watching the race. For some reason, he blanked his mind...he stopped thinking...he released himself of the mental burden of the moment and let go, embracing the race as a whole, instead of fighting it. At that moment, he switched gears and was able to beat Dave...in one of the smallest margins in an IM race...by 58 seconds!

The book Fit Soul & Fit Body, talks about the importance of the connection of the emotional, spiritual and physical aspect of a person. It is not focused on getting faster or stronger physically, but on how to become healthier in all aspects of life...how to be find balance to achieve the goals and happiness that you seek.

This morning on the news, I heard a report about the Olympic games. 
Did you know that in the early Olympiads, there where also competitions on Poetry? 
A poet could win a gold, silver or bronze Olympic medal!
There was no sweat...no pain...no fatigue. What sport was that? What were the Greeks thinking? 
Well, it turns out that the ancient Greeks very much sought perfection in the body and the intellect - they saw it totally connected...just like Mark found out during his 1989 IM victory.
Baron Pierre de Coubertin revived the games in 1896. He was a great fan of the ancient Greeks, obviously, and he also saw that perfection in mind and body went hand in hand. At the Stockholm Games in 1912, Coubertin got music, painting architecture and poetry - both lyric and epic - included on the Olympic roster. Coubertin even anonymously entered his own poem called "Ode to Sport" which won the gold medal that year:

"O Sport, you are Beauty! ... O Sport, you are Justice! ... O Sport, you are Happiness! The body trembles in bliss upon hearing your call ... "

The Olympic discipline of poetry stopped to exist once the poems were translated into different languages and would lose the impact or passion sought by the authors.

With the 30th Olympic Games of the Modern Era starting tonight, we'll witness the highest level of athleticism and performance. The strongest, the fastest, the best trained athletes attend these games, but those with the strongest connection between Mind - Soul - Body will be Olympic Champions!
I hope you'll enjoy this fantastic event and get excited and inspired by the stories, the struggles and the accomplishments of these extraordinary athletes.


Happy training!


Bettina Warnholtz
Flagstaff Training Weekend

July 27th - 29th
This weekend we are, once again, escaping the heat of Phoenix to the much nicer weather in Flagstaff.
Some of us will be staying all weekend and others will only be there for a day, but either way, we are excited to see as many of you up there as possible!
Bring all your triathlon equipment.
This is an event for ALL racelabbers and feel free to bring family or / and friends!
Here is the plan for this weekend:
Friday, July 27th
We have swim in the morning, as usual. Some of us will be leaving for Flagstaff and arriving at about 7 or 7:30PM.
There will be a small dinner at Courtney Klein's house.
RSVP to her at  courtklein@gmail.com so that she knows how many people to expect and so she can give you the address. 
Saturday, July 28th
For those of you driving up on Saturday morning, there will be a group meeting at the Einstein Bagels at Desert Ridge at 6AM to caravan/carpool to Flagstaff.
The bike ride will begin at 9AM at the Lake Mary boat ramp (at mile 333). There is a $6 parking cost, so make sure you have cash.
After the bike ride, there will be an open water swim right there in the lake. This is a great time to practice with a wetsuit since the water is rather chilly. 
Some of you will be running on Saturday as well. This is a great chance to try out the Mountain Man bike and run course!
Saturday night - 6:00 PM
Courtney will, again, be offering to host a dinner at her house in Flagstaff.
Please RSVP to her at courtklein@gmail.com so that she knows how many people to expect, etc. 
Sunday, July 29th
For those of you who are staying in Flagstaff Saturday night, we will be meeting for a run on Sunday morning.
Let us know if you are joining us for this. Depending on who is there and the distances, we'll decide where and at what time we'll be running. 
Again, RSVP to Courtney if you plan on attending any of the dinners.

This time we don't have a racelab reservation. Please make your own arrangements. 
You can either find a hotel close to Courtney's house (e-mail her for the address) or stay at the hotels on Beulah and Lake Mary Rd. since they are closer to the lake.
There are plenty of choices in that area.

Email or call us if you have any questions!!!
Some of our wonderful racelabbers will be racing this weekend. We wish you all good luck and please don't forget to send us your results and your race report so that we can mention you in next week's newsletter!! 


Good luck to everyone! 

Thank you for representing racelab!

Team Monthly Meeting &
Race Strategy Clinic - Mountain Man
Wednesday, August 1st - 6:00 PM 
Next week is our monthly meeting. We will be meeting at the Macayo's Depot Cantina at 6PM. Please RSVP as soon as possible so that we can make the reservation. 
We have about 24 people competing in the Mountain Man Triathlon this year. For some of you, it will be one of your first triathlons, and for others it will one of many. Either way, it is important to understand and have a good race strategy that will allow you to perform at your highest possible level. 
This meeting is going to double as a clinic. We will talk about race strategy and how to apply it to the next week's Mountain Man Triathlon and BBBS Half Marathon! Do NOT miss out on this!

RSVP to info@racelab.com 
Big Brothers Big Sisters Half Marathon
Saturday, August 11th - 7:30 AM
This is a race that we have people participate in every year. It's a half marathon in Flagstaff that benefits the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff. We will be there to support those who are racing that day and the Mountain Man Triathlon the next day.
Mountain Man Triathlon

Sunday, August 12th - 6:00 AM 
This is one of our annual tradition races. It's a tough, hilly course but it's a lot of fun and a great chance to escape the heat for a summer race. We are excited to have many people competing in both the Olympic distance race and the Half Iron distance this year. If you are interested in competing or coming out to support the team, let us know!
There will also be a team dinner on the Saturday before the race (8/11) at 5PM at the Flagstaff Olive Garden. Please RSVP to us so we can make the necessary reservation!
We will provide hotel/lodging information soon!
Flagstaff Feats of Fortitude

This is a challenge to conquer both the BBBS Half Marathon and the Mountain Man Olympic Triathlon in one weekend!
Josh Terwoord won this competition last year and he'll be back to defend his title this year!
We hope to have many participants in each event and let us know if you'll be interested in doing both this year!!!

Saturday, July 28th 
6:00 AM 
Einstein Bagels, Desert Ridge Marketplace
9:00 AM
Lake Mary Rd. - Mile Marker 333
$6 parking fee, bring cash

Following the bike ride
Lake Mary, Flagstaff
6:00 PM
For location, RSVP to Courtney Klein
Please plan on bringing some cash to help Courtney pay for the dinner!
Sunday, July 22nd
Flagstaff, exact location TBD

12:00 PM
 more information click here:



BBBS Half Marathon 
- August 11th
Mountain Man Olympic & Half Iron
- August 12th
ARR Summer Series 5K
- Aug 12th - South Mtn.
We are very excited to welcome a large group of runners and triathletes who have signed up with us through Living Social. They will be joining us at our group workouts!
We also want to welcome our newest racelabbers
David Levasseur
training for IMAZ '12
Charrissa Levasseur
We look forward to working with you!
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