Newsletter  June 5th, 2012
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Dear racelab team!


Training in the heat!


Did you know that heat training is very similar to altitude training?

The body adapts to extreme conditions and responds to it, getting more efficient and stronger, which then translates to faster times when the conditions are less severe.

With these benefits come some sacrifices, or at least some adjustment time. 

We need to be aware of this so that there is minimal frustration in the process. 

So, when you start training at higher temperatures or higher elevation, your body cannot do the same work at the same price...you cannot do the same speed at the same HR or intensity. Something has to give, otherwise you end up over training or getting hurt or sick, or not getting the benefits of the workout or the training season.

Most likely you have noticed slower times in your training sessions at a given heart rate, now that the weather is getting hotter. 

Your body is working hard just to regulate your core temperature at normal activity. If on top of that you add an hour or two...or more of hard training, resulting in even higher body temperatures, the risks of overheating, depleting and over training get higher and higher.


So be patient and let your body adapt slowly, safely and progressively. 

- Follow your HR zones: the heart rate is the only measurement of intensity that will respond to the heat factor. 

- Stay hydrated: your body is losing great amounts of fluid and electrolytes through sweat to help regulate the temperature. You need to replace both! Everybody is different and has different needs, but we can start with at least 16 - 24 ounces of water plus 300 to 600 mg of electrolytes per hour of workout. Call me if you have questions!

- Avoid training in the hottest hours of the day.

- Wear garments made with fabrics specifically for hot weather to help lower your body temperature.


You'll get the right benefits of that particular workout, you will be safe and will stay healthy, your recovery will be faster and more efficient and by the end of the summer, you'll be faster, stronger and... happier!


...and there is nothing better than being surrounded by happy athletes!


Bettina Warnholtz
We are having our monthly team meeting on Wednesday, June 6th at 7:00 PM at the Macayo's Depot Cantina in Tempe. Come join us is celebrating this past month's successes, experiences, birthdays, and more and be there to discuss upcoming events and goals!
This Thursday is the Road Runner Sports Thursday Adventure Run in Scottsdale. This is a fun, FREE event where you spend an hour running to various checkpoints picking up raffle tickets. Then, after the hour is up, the folks at Road Runner Sports raffle off dozens of great prizes! They also have delicious Deschutes Brewery Beer there and other great vendors. The run starts at 6:30 PM so plan on being there at around 6. 
This weekend we are going to have a Bike Ride and Open Water Swim at Canyon Lake on Saturday. The bike ride will be starting at 5:30 AM and the swim will begin once everyone finishes their ride. Also, bring food/drink to enjoy (and share) after the ride and swim! Wetsuits are optional.
Carpool/Caravan: There will be a carpool/caravan leaving the Road Runner Sports in Tempe Marketplace at 4:30 AM. 
Parking Passes: Every car needs a Tonto National Park Parking Pass. You can find these at many gas stations, especially once you get closer to the park. 
RNR San Diego Marathon & Half Marathon
Congratulations to everyone who did the half marathon and the full marathon in San Diego last weekend! We hope you enjoyed the beautiful course and the beautiful city!
Thank you to everyone who came to our workouts in town! We hope you all had a great weekend!
These races are great to stay motivated during the Summer. They are short, they are early and they hurt!
We want you to participate and will include them in your schedule (some days as part of your long run). Please let us know if you'll be able to attend.

- Jun 10th - Reach 11 

- July 4th - Rio Vista

- July 14th - Kiwanis Park

- August 12th - South Mountain 

Tuesday, June 26th, 7:00 PM
This will be the second time we bring the two track workouts together for one big, epic, fun workout! Last time we had more than 40 people, Bettina and Dave were both there and it was incredibly fun! This time we hope to have even more people attend and maybe even have a treat there for everyone! Leave work early, bring the kids if you have to, do whatever you can so that you don't miss out on this fun workout!

Friday, June 29th - Sunday July 1st
On this weekend, we will be escaping the heat of Phoenix for the beautiful weather in Flagstaff. Whether you want to arrive on Friday evening or Saturday morning is up to you, but we will be having a great bike ride and open water swim in Lake Mary on Saturday, followed by a beautiful long run on Sunday. Specific places/times and possible lodgings options to come, but expect a group deal somewhere, so hold off on making your own arrangements just yet. 

Saturday, June 9th
5:30 AM
Acacia Recreation Site, Canyon Lake
 9:00 AM
Acacia Recreation Site, Canyon Lake
Sunday, June 10th
6:30 AM
Reach 11 Park
2425 E. Deer Valley Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 
If anyone would like to do their long run here, it's a great place to run!

12:00 PM
ASU Student Recreation Center
 more information click here:



We are very excited to welcome our new racelab team members:
Allie Nath - triathlon
David Rakestraw -cycling
Ron Rosenberg - running
Duc V. Dao - running
Chase McPherson-triathlon
We look forward to working with you!
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