“When You Pray - Wait”
This Sunday in Worship

“When You Pray - Wait” Waiting is not something we as modern people do well at all. In fact, if we are not careful, we can sacrifice our well being at the altar of convenience and efficiency. For example, does fast food make us happier and healthier? Are we better off being able to receive instantaneous communication from anyone at any time? Waiting is something that we actively fight in our culture. Our mindset is that anything that is worth having is worth having now! But are we better off for all our advances? Do we have better lives? When it comes to our Spiritual Lives waiting is not an option. Over and over again Scripture advocates for a posture of patient waiting on God to act. In our prayer lives, we must learn to wait expectantly as God works out God’s purposes over time. Sure this is hard, especially when we are used to having international deliveries in days, meals in minutes, and communication with anyone in the world in seconds. But God (who is capable of speed that would make a super computer envious) chooses to act in ways that require was to wait. What does this say about God and what does it say about us? I look forward to continuing the conversation Sunday as we gather to worship at 8:15, 9:30, and 10:45 a.m. Please read and reflect on Psalm 130 in preparation for what God will do among us.

Pastor Steve
Ministry Planning Retreat

Our Ministry Team will be away Sunday evening through Wednesday morning (March 24-27) to work on worship/ministry planning for the summer and fall of this year. Please pray for us as we will be spending this time at the YMCA of the Blue Ridge in Black Mountain NC to seek God’s direction for the remainder of 2019. Those attending are Rev. Steve Autrey, Rev. Anita Sain, Cortni Bazzle, Mike Sciascia, Brittany Bethel, David Adams, and Greg Whisnant.
Congregational News
Hello Days for Girls Sponsors,

Over the last two weeks, five heart-touching Days for Girls educational, training and distribution sessions were held in Guatemala. A total of 228 kits will change the lives of young women/women....all thanks to your support!

The following are several highlights:

Each group thanked their sponsors for providing education about their bodies and menstrual cycles. Many had little, if any, knowledge, prior to the session.

When asked who would use the kits, everyone raised their hands with excitement.

Everyone was thankful for the money they will save using the DfG kits, since they will last up to 4 years, and that no trash will be produced each month.

The young ladies were empowered by the self-defense training and talking about the fact they have control of their bodies...no means no.

Girls will be able to attend school and participate in daily activities during their menstrual cycle.

Thank you for making a difference!