January 22, 2021

Dear Prairie Avenue Family,

More COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, we are seeing more vaccine distributed this week. While we are not back to a mask-free life, and it is likely that the deadliest weeks are still ahead, we rejoice and give thanks for these positive improvements coming to pass.

Worship This Week: Created Anew-Christian Connection
I continue to our Epiphany Worship Series Created Anew this weekend. This week we will meet the most successfully miserable prophet in the Old Testament: Jonah.

Jonah was more comfortable ignoring and running away from God's call than connecting with those whom God called him to go to in Nineveh. Now Nineveh was the capital of the Assyrian Empire, who had conquered Israel and did terrible acts and deeds upon the people. Jonah tried to outrun God, but God demonstrated mercy again and again with Jonah, whether by the compassionate seamen trying to save his life, pray to Jonah's God for rescue, or by providing a place in the shade while Jonah fumed about God not destroying Nineveh.

We often want God to agree with our way of thinking. God wants us to show God's way of loving. Which way are you connecting to God?

Join me at 5 pm Saturday online at our website or 9 am in-person or on Facebook to explore what it means to experience and share Christian Freedom.

Stewardship Corner
As we are finishing up our bookkeeping for 2020, I want to take this opportunity to share my gratitude for your generous support through this past difficult year. Many of you were able to increase your generosity to assist us while we were limited in our operations. Some of you faced hardships in employment or a decrease in income, yet continued to give. Whether it was online, in-person, or by postal service, your tithes and offerings arrived and provided for our faith community. You can expect your official giving statements to be put in the mail over the next week.

Due to COVID-19, we did not hold our regular pledge drive this past fall. We will begin this in February. In preparation for this upcoming pledge campaign, I would like you to share why you choose to support Prairie Avenue Christian Church. It can be an e-mail, a letter, or just a few thoughts. Your encouraging words may motivate others to join, to consider, or to increase their financial commitment.

Nominations for Treasurer
Like many disruptions brought on by COVID-19, we were unable to host and hold our annual meeting. At this time, all officer terms have been extended into 2021. After several years of faithful service, Sondra LeHew has stepped down as our treasurer. We thank her for her work as we transitioned following the loss of another faithful servant, Louise Laskowski, in 2015.

The duties of the treasurer are currently being covered by remaining Board Officers and Trustees.. Since 2016, payroll and bills have been handled by Coffman Accounting. They provide us with regular reports and budget tracking. Responsibilities of the treasurer include handling the weekly deposits and the signing for bi-weekly payroll and bills, approximately 10-15 hours a month. If you would be interested in this position, please contact Les Ruffner 217-855-6361.

Building & Grounds
Our elevator passed its annual state inspection last month. We are still experiencing periodic malfunctions in losing floor calls (clearing buttons) and momentary stops in service or delays in door function. Many may remember a flurry of estimates, suggestions, and possibilities for addressing this issue. While it is 95% problem free at this time, the obsolesce of the motherboard (circa. 1986) can not be replaced without substantial building code updates.

The required work is called modernization. And the expected cost is over $90,000.

We have three ways to address this:
1) Fundraisers
2) Loans
3) Endowment draw

I will be meeting with Trustees and board officers to discuss our options and recommendations to address this unavoidable capital expense.

We have finalized the necessary equipment and labor associated with our livestream studio to be placed in the sanctuary. The studio will be installed by Rutherford Photovisual, who also assist our mother congregation, Central Christian Church in their video and audio production and broadcast.
As a church family, we care for and pray for one another.

As a matter of online privacy, we will only disclose public sympathy to a church friend or family member whose passing has also been publicly disclosed.

The Family of Betty J (Dappert) Moore, who died January 22, 2021.

If you would like prayer, please submit your prayer request online, and Pastor Jason and prayer team members will pray for you.
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