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Article1IHC Global, HFHI and AIA Work Towards an Urban Future

The American Institute of Architects Strategic Council held an outreach exercise session on Tuesday, discussing the organizations plans to move forward with the New Urban Agenda. AIA invited IHC Global and Habitat for Humanity International to give insight on the current ways each organization is approaching the implementation of the NUA. The session featured presentations from Habitat for Humanity's Mohammad El Sioufi and Dan Rosensweig, and three workshops covering AIA's main policy topics; urban planning and design, public space, and housing. IHC Global Assistant Programs manager Karly Kiefer and International Communications Officer Rebekah Revello both attended the meeting, and were encouraged by the promise of future collaboration between IHC Global, its coalition of civil society organizations, private sector organizations and individuals and the AIA.
Article2New Report on Combating Urban Youth Violence

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs has released a new action tour report, Reducing Urban Violence and Improving Youth Outcomes in America. The report reviews the research findings from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the University of Chicago Urban Labs and the World Bank, at the Chicago Forum on Global Cities. the action tour  explored the importance of local context and the built environment to foster safer neighborhoods, how big data can shape safer cities, how to scale programs that work, and how to engage older youth. Participants also examined how violence prevention fits into a resilient cities agenda and what twenty-first century policing and security should look like.

To read the full report, click here.  
Article3UN Initiative Aims to Rethink African Cities

Citiscope reports on a new UN initiative that aims to make African cities more inclusive and sustainable. Pioneered by the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), the initiative was unveiled at a workshop last week in Kampala, Uganda, and promises to  strengthen the ability of African policymakers and urban planners to pursue strategies and designs that mitigate poverty and pollution, and better integrate urbanization planning into national development schemes. The project proposal is inspired by the goals of the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, and will include participation from countries like Cameroon, Cape Verde, Morocco, Uganda and Zambia. 

To read the Citiscope briefing, click here. To read the full story, click here.
IHC Global "Humans of Habitat III" Featured on WUC Website

The World Urban Campaign has featured IHC Global's photo essay, "Humans of Habitat III," on their website. IHC Global is committed to expanding our diverse coalition and network to all who support inclusive cities, and we are excited to share the different perspectives we collected from Habitat III. We are honored that the World Urban Campaign shared our enthusiasm for this piece.

To read the photo essay, click here. You can find the original post on our website's blog.

IHC Global is sad to announce the passing of long-term member Chuck Billand. Chuck was an instrumental figure in promoting sustainable and inclusive cities and leaves behind a tangible legacy in urban policy through his work at USAID and TCGI. Many in the IHC Global network and community have had the opportunity to work with Chuck over the years, and we will forever miss his kindness, tenacity and spirit.
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Unconventional beauty: Chinese Artist Yang Yongliang combines traditional Chinese landscapes and the structures that make up urban living into a work of art. Source: CNN
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