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Devex: What We Need to Localize the SDGs
HabitatHabitat III News
  • Habitat has launched its Implementation Plan, a call for voluntary partners that will commit to implementing and reinforcing the outcomes of the Habitat III conference. To become a partner, sign up here.
  • Click here to read the newest draft of the new Urban Agenda, completed at Prep Com 3 in Surabaya Indonesia last month.
  • To register for Habitat III, click here. The deadline for individual registration is October 1, 2016. For more information, visit our website's Habitat III page here.
AEvent: Discussion on Women's Safety and Transit

Wikigender, UN-Habitat, Women in Cities International and the OECD Development Centre are hosting an online discussion- Paving the way to gender equality: gender perspectives for inclusive urban mobility- next week. The discussion will cover the issues surrounding women's safety in cities, specifically in transit.

WHEN: August 15-19
WHERE: Online at wikigender.com
Follow on Twitter with the hashtag #makingcitiesinclusive

There's no need to RSVP, join the discussion at any time.
BRecap: An Open Discussion on the New Urban Agenda

On July 15th, the organization Urban Age held an open discussion on shaping the New Urban Agenda. The discussion took place in Venice and featured several speakers, including Enrique PeƱalosa, Ilaria Boniburini, Jagan Shah, Jennifer Musisi, Ricky Burdett, Sue Parnell, Ivo Daalder and Julia Black. Speakers talked about building cities in the next 30 years, and seizing the fleeting opportunity to make them sustainable and inclusive.

Click here to watch the discussion.
Devex: What We Need to Localize the SDGs

Franziska Schreiber from the environmental think tank adelphi has written a thought provoking article for Devex regarding the pros and cons of the Sustainable Development Goals and the new Urban Agenda, and how each can be carried off successfully with the proper procedures. She argues that while Agenda 2030 lacks practical suggestions and the New Urban Agenda does not meet expectations, more collaboration with cities can turn these shortcomings around. The article reaffirms that the UN and participating Nations should focus on the needs at the local level in order to achieve anything at and after Habitat III.

Read the article here.
NewsIn the News and Around the Web
  • Click here to read about how cities in Africa and Asia are growing in surprising ways.
  • Will the legacy of the Olympics in Rio spark a shift in its approach to urban issues? Read more here.
  • Find out about the volunteers tackling Mumbai's mountains of waste here.
  • Read about the people who are truly harmed by housing policy here.
The urban sprawl of Mexico City, with a population of 20 million and a population density of 24,600 people per mile. Source: Pablo Lopez Luz, Guardian Cities
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