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OneIHC Global News

IHC Global has released our photo essay, Humans of Habitat III, on our website. The series will explore a range of perspectives on Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda, from people of a variety of nationalities, occupations, and interests.

Our report on our time at Habitat III is also available on the website.

To read our Humans of Habitat III blog, click here.
TwoFIABCI's The City We Need is Affordable Book Released

FIABCI has released their book The City We Need is Affordable, a culmination of FIABCI's nine-month campaign as a partner of UN Habitat's World Urban Campaign to prepare for Habitat III. During FIABCI's parallel event at Habitat III, IHC Global's David Wluka and Judith Hermanson participated in different panels to contribute to their thinking on the affordability challenges.  The  newly-released  book includes sections on architecture and building materials, urban planning, public private partnerships and financing, and technology. Throughout the book FIABCI reaffirms that in this age of unprecedented urban growth, they are committed to finding new solutions that will meet the increasing demand for affordable housing.

Click  here to download the PDF
CNew 5-part series from CityMinded

CityMinded has released a new 5-part blog series about  the current state of Smart Cities, from P3s, to distributed energy resources, to machine learning, to climate action plans and citizen engagement. The blogs are written by five urban practitioners working on Smart City solutions at the global engineering firm Black and Veatch. It is a unique opportunity to see where these thought leaders believe the Smart City industry is headed, and how technology and infrastructure are already combining to better meet the needs of real citizens.

To read the series, click here.
Free Online Course From SDG Academy

The SDG Academy is unveiling Sustainable Cities, a free online course that will be launched worldwide on November 15th. This 55-session, 11-week course will be produced by SDG Academy and curated by the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, as well as leading urbanist Aromar Revi, Co-Chair of UNSDSN and Director, IIHS and a team of 27 global thought leaders and practitioners from 23 of the world's leading universities, urban institutions and networks. It includes Jeffrey Sachs the UN Secretary General's Special Advisor on the SDGs and University Professor at Columbia University and Clare Short, Chair of Cities Alliance. The course takes a cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder and multi-level view of the economic, socio-political and environmental dimensions of urban sustainability, across cities as diverse as: Bangkok, Durban, London, Melbourne and Mumbai.

The course is open to everyone. To enroll or find out more, click here.
A  Event: Transforming Urban Transit

Meeting of the Minds is hosting a webinar discussing the role of political leadership in transforming urban transit. The webinar will cover how key leaders and advocates in cities have been able to overcome the various administrative, fiscal, environmental and political obstacles that have prevented widespread adoption of transformative transportation policies. Presenters will include Diane Davis and Lily Song from the Harvard School of Design.

When: November 15th, 9AM-10AM PDT

To register, click here.
NewsIn the News and Around the Web
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Tokyo, with 13.6 million people, is so densely populated it does not have space for its waste. It relies on landfills outside the city to pick up the slack. Tokyo is one of the many cities around the world that lack sustainable waste practices. Source: Guardian Cities
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