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OneDid Habitat III Make Progress with Land Reform?

Citiscope reports that Habitat III may have had its biggest impact so far on one of the "stickiest" urban issues: land reform. Post-conference, policymakers have been and will be pushed to recognize the importance of tenure reforms in cities, which could do a lot to stem rural migration to cities. Over the last decade, land reform efforts internationally- but especially in African cities like Kigali, Rwanda- have been responsible for a large chunk of urban innovation, and a new tide of women empowerment and conflict resolution. The complex nature of land tenure has increased food insecurity, poor housing conditions and conflict in many cities, so Habitat III policymakers recognizing land reform as an urgent issue could be the momentum it needs.

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TwoSunday is International Migrants Day

This Sunday will be International Migrant Day, a celebration that comes in a year where the current migrant crisis, migrant rights and the urban implications of migration have been hot and polarizing topics. IHC Global will be among many organizations that will use the platform to recognize the rights of migrants worldwide. As an advocate for changing cities for good, IHC Global sees urban migration reform as an important step to more inclusive and sustainable cities. On Sunday, support migrants and migrant issues on twitter with the hashtag #InternationalMigrantsDay and help raise these issues to the policy level.
EventEvent: Reimagining Communities Symposium

After the long holiday break, Urban Institute will be back imagining urban futures with a new event, Reimagining Communities. The event will be a peer-learning meeting of business and civic leaders, policy experts and practitioners and will explore several issues that are taking on the urban scene, including emerging technologies, persisting poverty and income inequality, and the changing face of the workforce.

When: January 23, 2017
8:30 AM- 4:00 PM
Where: Capital One Conference Center
8036 Dominion Pkwy, Plano, Texas 75024

To register, click here.
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Unconventional beauty: Chinese Artist Yang Yongliang combines traditional Chinese landscapes and the structures that make up urban living into a work of art. Source: CNN
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