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July 6th, 2018
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A Global View
Urban Equity at Home

Higher Ground
A recent study in Environmental Research Letters confirms something that seems obvious: that in flood prone regions higher elevation properties are worth more. But, given rapid urbanization globally, the realities of climate change, and the fact that many of the world's great urban areas are coastal or near natural bodies of water-efforts toward increasing equity and urban equality generally will have to consider the role of real estate and property values with an even greater sensitivity to a changing global ecosystem. Read more about the risks of "Climate Gentrification" here.

Local Strides in Energy and Equity
A Washington D.C. community based initiative finds a balance between "energy efficiency goals and social equity goals" as a local non profit partners with local contractors and local government to provide workshops and job opportunities for D.C. residents. As the city moves toward improving the built environment for sustainability, it is encouraging to see D.C. residents develop their own spaces and communities. 
Read more here .

Toward a Green Urban Future
Alan Mallach challenges the current state and discussion of urban green spaces and expands the idea of green spaces in urban land use from an infrastructure perspective in "The Empty House Next Door." Read more about the future of sustainable urban spaces, their planning and use  here.
BA Global View
An International Issue and Opportunity
UN Habitat recently issued a new report "The State of African Cities." In consideration of the rapid urbanization and development of African Cities, UN Habitat reminds us of the New Urban Agenda as it details a "catalytic" moment of opportunity for foreign direct investment in African urban spaces. Read more here.

Smart Approaches Toward Economic Inclusion
With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the global community was given a charge to make significant changes by 2030. In Brazil, tangible steps toward gender equality and equity in terms of land tenure and property rights are being realized with the integration of the SDG framework, local organization, and unprecedented data gathering, monitoring, and analysis capabilities. Read more   here.
CUrban Equity at Home

A Matter of Scale and Situation.
The effects of gentrification in the world's largest cities are rapidly being realized, researched and discussed. But in the U.S. where there are many large urban areas the gentrification  conversation needs to be complicated in order to consider issues of equity between communities, and cities themselves. As some cities reach a critical mass of un-affordability, other cities are still experiencing degradation and desertion. Read more about the complexities of the gentrification debate on an inter-urban scale here.

The Shadow of Success
Richard A. Walker, professor emeritus of geography at the University of California, Berkeley takes a candid look at how the explosion and inflation of the tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area affects geography and social issues. And, considers the future and precariousness of the promise of tech wealth there and other regions in  Pictures of a Gone City. Read more  here
Transformation Toward Sustainable and Resilient Societies
Join IHC Global at the United Nations High Level Political Forum next week as we engage with those who shape the discussion. This year we look forward to seeing all the progress made on SDG's 6-Water, 7-Energy, 11-Cities and Human Settlement, 12-Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns, 15-Terrestrial Ecosystems, and 17-Partnerships for reaching the goals, among many other pivotal and important topics for global society today. More info here.
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IHC Global was proud to sponsor the webinar for the Affordable Housing Institute's new publication Cuba Facing Forward. Read more about the event here, and don't forget to add IHC Global to your Amazon Smile when you pick up your own copy of the book here.

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