Weekly Urban News Update:  Turkey Edition
November 23rd, 2017
This year and every year, we're thankful for you.

The IHC Global team is incredibly thankful for your continued support throughout this year. Together, we have made strides in research and policy change, implemented exciting on-the-ground programs, reached new audiences, and been a leader in the conversation on urban issues.  Whether you're a member, a partner, or a reader, we couldn't have achieved all that we have done this year without your help. 

We'll be back with our regularly-scheduled newsletter next week. From all of us at IHC Global, Happy Thanksgiving!
A quick look at the news
  • Recycled roofs are transforming homes in slums.
  • In the midst of Delhi's toxic smog crisis, the city marathon went as scheduled.
  • A federal judge has blocked President Trump's executive order to deny funding to sanctuary cities, ruling it unconstitutional.
  • When you see these breathtaking urban photographs from renown photographer David Levene, you'll remember how thankful you are for cities. Watch the video below:

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