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November 6, 2015
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IHC Releases 4th and Final Rental Housing Case Study

The IHC Released a short paper this week, the fourth and last case study in a series focused on the importance of rental housing for the urban poor. Following an an introductory piece and papers discussing the use of natural disasters, dysfunctional housing markets and the causes of housing shortages, the fourth paper focuses on policy changes to improve housing opportunities around the world. 
Read the case study here, and find the full set of papers here
New Partnership to Improve Global Metrics on Urbanization

The UN Environemtn Programme (UNEP) and The World Council on City Data (WCCD) have signed a new partnership agreement to improve and standardize urban metrics for policy-making, sustainability and resource efficiency in cities.

The Partnership will oversee a pilot program to help cities implement a resource efficiency toolkit, pioneer best practices and help them achieve the Council's  first ever international standard for city data and has been embraced by cities and governments, the  ISO 37120 certification. The pilot includes cities from around the world such as Brussels, Johannesburg, London and Shanghai. Read more about the partnership here  
Foreign Aid Transparency Act and Sign-On Letter

Today the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed the  Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2015 (H.R. 3766), a piece of bipartisan legislation which would ensure that  U.S. foreign assistance budgets and programs be transparent and based on rigorous evidence. The bill  would both establish evaluation guidelines for U.S. international development and economic assistance programs and centralize public access to data and reports through the existing aid transparency website.

The Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network and InterAction are sponsoring a sign-on letter supporting the legislation in both the House and Senate. You can read the letters here and here. If your organization is interested in joining the IHC and many other organizations on the letter, please fill out the sign-on form here

Find more information about the bill here, and here

In the News and Around the Web
  • Read an article from CitiScope on the importance of intermediate cities, and how city planners aren't paying enough attention here
  • Read an article on the importance of governance in creating successful sustainable cities here

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