Weekly Warrior Update                               May 13, 2020
DC Friends and Families,

This pandemic has reinforced the Biblical truth that we were all created to live in community. While we have been blessed with the tools to keep us connected, they cannot replace the face-to-face interaction that fosters a true sense of belonging.

Our students grow the most through in-person instruction and daily discipleship, which is why we are committed to returning to on-campus learning on August 19. We are currently collaborating with Governor DeWine's education advisor on the steps we need to return full-time this fall in a manner that will ensure effective learning in the safest environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

I am thankful for the steps that the state is currently taking to create such a path for schools. This week, the Ohio Department of Education released a letter to the education community outlining its plan to launch what it calls the Education Reset and Restart Planning Guide.

Based on the advice from school leaders and educators, the planning guide will address actions to ensure the health and safety of students, educators, and staff once school buildings reopen. This guide will serve as just one tool we will use at Dayton Christian. We also will rely on our own resources including input from local leaders within our parent and donor groups, and the expertise from in-house staff such as our school resource officer, director of counseling, and health services director.

The fact that we have such experts in our midst places DC light years ahead of other private schools, and as a smaller community we can respond to current events in a more nimble manner than larger public districts. Our quick response to the mandated school closings in March prove that we are ready to effectively respond to challenges while creating the least amount of disruption to our students' learning as possible.

Many of you have applauded the way in which our teachers rose to the occasion for virtual learning. We know that our product was much more robust and engaging than those being offered in our area public schools. You need to know that the Board of Trustees and I are extremely thankful for the work that has been done both by our students and faculty during the last two months.

This is what provides the confidence needed to press on to our return in the fall. I believe more than ever that we will return a stronger, closer community regardless of the fact that we have spent the last several months physically apart.

Join me in prayer as we seek God's wisdom for a safe return and anticipate a bold emergence from this challenging chapter in our nation's history.

Together - or apart - we are, DC!

Dr. John Gredy
DCS Head of School

A special video message from Dr. Gredy
A message of hope and encouragement to our DC families. Listen as Dr. Gredy explains how school leaders are pressing on and preparing for students' return to class this fall. View video here.
The Joseph Relief Fund available for families
nullThe Joseph Relief Fund is specifically designed for DC families whose finances have been significantly affected as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Assistance is for the 2020-21 school year. Applications are now open.

If you feel led to help support our efforts to minister to families in this way, you can go online to donate to The Joseph Fund. Donations will help ensure as many qualifying families can be served as possible.

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