April 28, 2021
Navalny's Effect on Russia's Domestic and Foreign Policy; Biden's Climate Summit; Is India Losing Its Fight with Covid-19?; Rising Stakes in the South China Sea Stakes; Tensions Flaring in Iran; and more.
Quote of the Week
“Each year on this day, we remember the lives of all those who died in the Ottoman-era Armenian genocide and recommit ourselves to preventing such an atrocity from ever again occurring.”  
President Joe Biden said in a statement on Saturday, becoming the first U.S. President since Ronald Reagan to officially recognize the mass killings of Armenians more than a century ago as genocide.  
Navalny’s Effect on Russia's Domestic and Foreign Policy 
Russia’s President Menaces His People and Neighbours” The Economist, April 24, 2021 
Over 1,700 Navalny Supporters Detained In Protests Across Russia” Matthew Luxmoore -- Radio Free Europe Radio Library, April 21, 2021.  
Navalny Has a Lesson for the World” Anne Applebaum -- The Atlantic, April 22, 2021 
Russia Orders Partial Pullback From Ukraine Border Region” Andrew E. Kramer; Anton Troianovski -- The New York Times, April 22, 2021. 
Unpacking the Russian Troop Buildup along Ukraine’s Border” Cyrus Newlin; Heather Conley; Matthew P. Funaiole; Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr -- Center for Strategic and International Studies, April 22, 2021
Europe Must Admit Russia Is Waging War” Keir Giles; Toomas Hendrik Ilves -- Chatham House, April 23, 2021 
Biden’s Climate Summit 
Brazil’s Bolsonaro, Under U.S. Pressure, Vows Climate Neutrality by 2050” Jake Spring; Lisandra Paraguassu -- U.S. News, April 22, 2021 
Biden’s Climate Summit: The Good, the Underwhelming, and the Road to COP26” Jill Duggan -- Environmental Defense Fund, April 26, 2021 

Brookings Experts Comment on Biden’s Climate Summit” Samantha Gross; Nathan Hultman; Amar Bhattacharya; Sanjay Patnik -- Brookings Institution, April 23, 2021 
Is India Losing Its Fight with Covid-19?
As Covid-19 Devastates India, Deaths Go Undercounted” Jeffrey Gettleman; Sameer Yasir; Hari Kumar; Suhasini Raj -- The New York Times, April 24, 2021 
India Sets Another Daily Coronavirus Case Record; U.S. Pledges Help” Claire Parker; Paul Schemm; Sean Sullivan -- The Washington Post, April 25, 2021 
'The System has Collapsed’: India’s Descent into Covid Hell” Hannah Ellis-Petersen -- The Guardian, April 21, 2021 
Recognizing the Armenian Genocide
Armenia Is Still Grieving” Neil Hauer -- Foreign Policy, April 24, 2021 

How Might Turkey React to Biden’s Armenian Genocide Recognition?” Michael Rubin -- 1945, April 25, 2021 

Turkey Vows Response to Biden’s Decision to Recognize Armenian Genocide” Amberin Zaman -- Al-Monitor, April 26, 2021 
Tensions Flaring in Iran
Leaked Tape Pulls Back Curtain on Iran’s Foreign Policy” Karim Sadjadpour -- CNN World, April 27, 2021 
U.S. Navy Fires Warning Shots in New Tense Encounter with Iran” Jon Gambrell -- AP News, April 28, 2021 

What is Israel’s Policy During U.S.-Iran Negotiations?” Ehud Eilam -- The Jerusalem Post, April 26, 2021 
Israel and Iran are Pulling the United States Toward Conflict” Daniel Kurtzer; Aaron David Miller; Steven Simon -- Foreign Affairs, April 26, 2021
Israel’s Attacks on Iran Are Not Working” Anchal Vohra -- Foreign Policy, April 27, 2021 
Rising Stakes in the South China Sea
EU Blames China for Endangering Peace in South China Sea” Yew Tian -- Reuters, April 25, 2021

Biden’s South China Sea Policy Has Cold War Currents” Chen Xiangmiao -- Global Times, April 25, 2021 
Four Ways a China-U.S. War at Sea Could Play Out” James Stavridis -- Bloomberg, April 25, 2021 
Myanmar’s Struggle Continues 
ASEAN Summit to Address Myanmar's Post-Coup Crisis” Channel News Asia, April 23, 2021 
Southeast Asian Leaders Call For Immediate End To Violence In Myanmar” National Public Radio, April 24, 2021 
ASEAN in Myanmar Crisis 'Driver's Seat” Kavi Chongkittavorn -- Bangkok Post, April 27, 2021