February 10, 2021
Centering the Climate Crisis in Foreign Policy; Changes Rocking Trade; A Myriad of Issues in the Middle East; Tensions Across Asia; Haiti's Political Chaos; and Latin American Challenges
Quote of the Week

“Well, there are two things that can wipe us out, one is nuclear weapons and the other is climate change. I worry about both of those things."

- George P. Shultz (1920-2021), the 60th Secretary of State whose leadership helped to bring an end of the Cold War, passed away Sunday.
Centering the Climate Crisis in Foreign Policy
Welcome to the Era of Competitive Climate Statecraft” Carolyn Kissane -- Foreign Policy, February 8, 2021 
What Climate Change Will Mean for U.S. Security and Geopolitics” John Allen; Bruce Jones -- Brookings Institution, February 4, 2021 
The Geopolitics of the European Green Deal” Mark Leonard; Jean Pisani-Ferry; Jeremy Shapiro; Simone Tagliapietra; Guntram Wolff -- European Council on Foreign Relations, February 3, 2021 

Finding Common Ground: Fostering Environmental Cooperation in the Persian Gulf” Fatemeh Aman -- Middle East Institute, February 4, 2021 
Changes Rocking Trade
U.S. Backs Okonjo-Iweala, First Woman and African, to Head WTO” Steven Overly -- Politico, February 5, 2021 
  • Did you know? Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala received WACA’s 2020 International Service Award – you can watch the recording here

Six Reasons Why Africa’s New Free Trade Area is a Global Game Changer” Caroline Kende-Robb -- World Economic Forum, February 9, 2021 
America Might Need to Rejoin TPP” Erik Khzmalyan -- Providence, February 4, 2021 

"Saudi Arabia Seeks to End Arbitrary Justice to Win Investors" Vivian Nereim; Donna Abu-Nasr -- Bloomberg, February 9, 2021
A Myriad of Issues in the Middle East
Can Biden Actually Help Yemen?” Ishaan Tharoor -- Washington Post, February 8, 2021 

Iran May Pursue Nuclear Weapon, Intel Minister Warns West” Nasser Karimi -- The Military Times, February 9, 2021 

IS Brutality Returning to Syrian Towns” Mike Thompson -- BBC, February 7, 2021 
I.C.C. Rules It Has Jurisdiction to Examine Possible Israel War Crimes” Isabel Kershner -- The New York Times, February 5, 2021  

Health Care Initiatives Could Be the Key to Rebuilding U.S. Influence in the Middle East” Maya Kahwagi; Kermit Jones -- Foreign Policy, February 9, 2021 
Tensions Across Asia
"Don’t Isolate Myanmar” Brahma Chellaney -- Project Syndicate, February 5, 2021 

Nepal’s Democracy in Crisis” Peter Gill -- The Diplomat, February 6, 2021 

How India’s Farmers’ Protests Went Global” Emily Tamkin -- NewStatesman, February 5, 2021  

U.S. and Allies Apply Pressure on Beijing But ‘They’re Unlikely to Go All Out’” Liu Zhen; Amber Wang -- South China Morning Post, February 10, 2021 

China’s Latest Weapon Against Taiwan: The Sand Dredger” Yimou Lee -- Reuters, February 5, 2021 
Haiti's Political Chaos
"Haiti in Fresh Crisis Amid Coup Claims and Dispute Over President's Term" Peter Beaumont; Julian Borger -- The Guardian, February 10, 2021

"Haiti: Too Many Presidents, Too Little of Everything Else" Amy Wilentz -- The Nation, February 9, 2021

"Haiti President’s Term Will End in 2022, Biden Administration Says” Sandra Lemaire -- Voice of America, February 5, 2021 
Latin American Challenges
Mexico Has Stopped Accepting Some Central American Families ‘Expelled’ by U.S. Along the Border” Nick Miroff; Kevin Sieff -- Washington Post, February 3, 2021 
Sustainable Recovery: A Unique Opportunity for Latin America and the Caribbean” Graham Watkins -- Climate Home News, February 8, 2021 

The Challenges Facing Latin America After COVID” Evan Ellis; John Nagl -- Foreign Policy Research Institute, February 4, 2021